Fireworks and Hair Color

This 4th of July (and every holiday hereafter) make sure your colorist knows his craft.   

I can't tell you how many times I see gaps in color, misplaced highlights, poor base color selections, and color that fades out into nothing less than disaster!

You'll know you're working with a great colorist when they listen to what you want, but offer suggestions on keeping color balance,  not straying too far from your own natural color, work carefully throughout the color process, and are able to fully educate you on the hair color experience.  Be sure to let your stylist know what your previous color experience has been, give him/her the full scoop, so there aren't any missing pieces. 

Here's what a stylist has to consider when coloring your hair!
1.  Is there previous color
2.  How often you color your hair
3.  Did you do it yourself
4.  What is the desired outcome
5.  Is there grey-coverage to consider
6.  How much time is a client willing to come in for touch-ups

and so much more.    This is why I always encourage clients to work with a professional colorist who knows what he or she is doing. 

Here's to colorful fireworks, here's to fabulous hair color.
Billy Lowe and team.


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