Friday, July 29, 2011

Celebrity Hair Tips

A summertime consultation.
When your summertime hair feels more like a summertime haystack, everyone wants to know what to do, and how to bring back life and luster to their manes.  Never fear, we have great hair tips here that even celebrities use to help support healthy and shiny hair.

1.  Never let hair dry just after swimming in the pool or at the beach.  Chlorine and salt water can dry in the hair and harden causing a dehydrated look and feel.  This can lead to tangling, breakage, and color fading.   Try to find a convenient location to shampoo and condition immediately after swimming.

2.  Apply a pre-condition treatment to hair prior to swimming.  This helps coat the hair and prevents excess build up of chlorine or salt-water, as well as excessive sun damage.

3.  To add condition and shine to hair, add a dime sized amount of a silicone serum or hair shine serum to conditioner, and leave on for 5-7 minutes.    Rinse with warm water and style as normal.

4.  Go easy on excessive heat and styling during excessive weather conditions.  This will help give hair a break from heat and damage, giving more healthy and natural results. 

5.  Always work with your salon professional during summertime fun to be sure you are using the right products and tools.

Most of all, enjoy your time this season and stay tuned for continued summertime beauty tips each and every week from the red carpet and Billy Lowe.

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