Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to School Beauty

Summer is in full swing and we're already seeing ads and articles for back to school.  So what's in this season and what are you going to need? 

The biggest rule of thumb on this one is to keep it simple.  If you recall the back to school scene with Drew Barrimore in Never Been Kissed, her idea of returning to school was a bit over the top.  If you haven't seen the movie - it's a must see.

With beauty and trend varying from region to region, be sure to do your homework.   Look at what others are doing and what's being offered by your local retailers, and avoid overdoing it.  Here are my top beauty tips for back to school beauty this season. 

Classic denim and white tops are perfect for every day wear (I personally prefer dark denim).  Whether a simple polo or a classic T, white shirts and tops are a safe bet and always trendy.  If you're worried about designs on your jeans pockets, don't stress.   You can always go for a more casual look and leave the shirt untucked.

For her:  The classic ponytail works every time.  It's simple, timeless, and polished.
For him:  I like a more unstructured look with a soft and natural neckline, and a little hair touching the ears.

Light powder and gloss works every time without making too grand a statement. 

While I enjoy looking nice and playing dress-up, labels aren't as important to me as feeling great in the clothes I am wearing, and knowing I have a great look and fit. 


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