Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Bachelor Makeover

The perfect make-over FOR HIM!

How do you tell your man there are 3 hairs coming out of his nose?  Or that he should open the car door for you?  Or maybe that his uni-brow is getting too "uni"? 

Perhaps a make-over day with Billy Lowe would do the trick.   From day-in day-out grooming tips to the total shopping experience, celebrity hair stylist & beauty expert Billy Lowe can help your man be seen on the town without causing a "scene on the town."

There's nothing worse than being seen in public with "him" or "that guy"  or "yeah that's my husband."    You want to be proud of your guy.  You want to know that he flosses his teeth or knows when to cuff his pants, or simply when to wear socks or not with his shoes.  Or, perhaps, when to get rid of unwanted hairs that show up here and there!

Book a makeover experience with your sweetheart with Billy Lowe for the proud woman you are, or the proud man you want to be.    Billy Lowe and team will  help him be the "him" that you are proud to be with.

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