Monday, March 14, 2011

Avoid bad hair color and highlights

A few warning signs that your highlights or hair color might be headed in a BAD BAD direction. 

  • Poorly folded and sloppy looking foils.  Without careful folding and sealing, color can leak from the sides and bleed onto the scalp causing irritation and color mishaps. 
  • Chunky application.  Unless you're going for that "chunky" look, highlights should be seamless.  Fine weaving alaways works best for coverage, blending and overall results. 
  • Sloppy color application.  If your stylist's color is dripping from the brush or running during the application process - be wary.   The results may be careless.
  • Too much time to apply color.  If your stylist is fumbling through the application or takes too long for even a partial highlight application, try working with a more seasoned professional. 
  • Too much time under the dryer.   Most highlights process within 10-15 minutes after completion of application.  If you are left under a dryer for 20, 30, or 45 minutes, you are likely to experience excess breakage and damage.
  • Poorly patterned application:  If your stylist seems to be applying foils at random with no pattern or structure, the color will most likely appear careless as well.  
  • Immediate frizz and dehydrated look after color services.   This may be indicative of the wrong color formulas, excess time under the dryer, etc. 
In color applications, I always recommend working with seasoned professionals who not only have a devoted following, but whose hair also looks the part.   

In beauty, 

Billy Lowe and Team

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