Silverware Trays make for GREAT beauty storage!

Believe it or not, silverware trays make great storage units for pieces like eye liners, lip pencils, mascaras, and small beauty tools.   They separate the pieces nicely, fit right inside your vanity or bathroom shelving, and keep products from being damaged and broken.

If you prefer covered units or air-tight containers for traveling purposes, small plastic containers (found in kitchen sections in grocery or department stores) make great containers for the same - and even have small adjustable inserts to create different sections within the container itself.

Small zipper bags can be easily labeled for your blushes, pencils, small tools, etc and help keep like items together and prevent breaking and leaks as well.  For up-right storage for items such as foundations, taller kitchen storage units work wonders for preventing spills, etc.

Before you travel, apply scotch tape OVER THE CAPS for all your screw-on containers.  This prevents caps from accidentally becoming unscrewed and foundation spilling all over your travel items. 


The Beauty Team of BILLY LOWE. 


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