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Let's Make a Deal - Hollywood Makeover Give Away

Billy Lowe to give away a Hollywood makeover on Let's Make a Dealthis season! 
Costumed contestants compete for cash and prizes as host Wayne Brady leads this classic game show.   This Hollywood makeover give away will feature a cut, color & style with Billy Lowe, make-up application with key artist Manning Lee, and in-studio lunch with Billy Lowe and team.    Winner will be chauffeured to the Billy Lowe hair studio for this exciting day of beauty, and will leave looking and feeling red carpet ready.

Don't miss Let's Make a Deal for this exciting prize give away.  Check your local listings for more details.

Beauty Secret - Oil Blotting Papers

I recently visited New York City on a fast-track trip for press and media interviews.  On one of our radio shows, I was asked a question about oil blotting papers and the best way to use them, and whether or not they are actually beneficial. 

Oil blotting papers help absorb excess oil or congestion from the skin caused as the day goes on.  Those of us that live in larger cities (Los Angeles, New York, and Miami for example) experience what I refer to as "city skin" with much congestion in the air which ultimately causes skin to look and feel not so fresh.  Rather than patting down, or touching up throughout the day, why not remove excess build-up on the skin caused by oil, sweat, and daily congestion or pollution as well as toxins in the air.   Oil blotting papers help do just that rather than packing on extra powder or products which will lead to more build-up on the skin, clogged pores, etc.  Sometimes less is more, and removing can be more beneficial than adding on.


Beautiful Skin - Just a Splash Away

Something old (your skin before?)
Something new (your skin after?)
Something borrowed (purchased maybe?)


Yes, the father of skincare has done it again.   Erno Laszlo skincare announces its new Firmarine series and a couple of treatments that are sure to leave your skin looking and feeling silky smooth. The Firmarine series launches this season and these luxurious and synergistic formulas contains a concentrated dose of Spirulina Maxima, rejuvenating epidermal growth factors, and active skin-protecting ingredients.  Healthy, radiant looking skin comes from great support, a great skincare ritual, and support (or cushion) in the skin and the Firmarine series helps deliver!

I personally love the look and feel of these new products and know you will as well.  Apply to freshly cleansed skin, smoothly and evenly with fingertips and be sure to follow up with an SPF moisturizer or the Firmarine SPF 30.

For more information on Erno Laszlo, his products or th…

Celebrity Hair Tip - Using a round brush

The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl.   

Round brushes are great for blow drying hair but not everyone understands that there's a method to using them, and in determining the end result.   A larger barrel brush will give you a loose (straighter) look, while a smaller round brush will give you more body, curl and volume. I say this not to set rules because even with a large barrel round brush, one can achieve great curl and movement.    However these are the basics of using a round brush when blow drying hair. 

I suggest loosely blow drying hair with fingers to remove 80-90% of the moisture.  Hair doesn't begin taking shape until it's about 80-90% dry anyway so it's useless to use a round brush on wet hair.  I also recommend using metal or ceramic barrel round brushes for better slip and control of the fabric as you're working.   Remember practice makes perfect but these few tips have served me well on many red carpet occasions and day to day salon styling s…

Celebrity Beauty Secret - Epsom Salt Body Exfoliator

What could be better than treating yourself to your own at-home body/spa treatment.   With Epsom Salt, you can.
Did you know that Epsom Salt has many more benefits than just relieving tired, sore, aching muscles?  In fact, many celebrities are hailing its beauty benefits as well.  This is one we're sure you're going to enjoy for soft, silky skin this summer and all year long.

What you'll need:  
Epsom Salt (1/4 cup)A mixing bowlA daily cream cleanser (1/2 cup)Essential oils if you choose (6-8 drops)
In your mixing bowl, combine cream cleanser, Epsom Salt and 6-8 drops of your favorite essential oils.  This treatment is best used on slightly damp skin for smoother results and more even exfoliation.  Gently apply treatment in circular motions across skin to help smooth and polish skin.   Rinse well and follow up with a nourishing daily moisturizer.    This works wonders for rough spots as well like elbows, knees, and feet. 

For this how-to video featured on KCAL-9 News at noo…

Ellington Handbags announces Fall Inventory

Ellington has done it again!
With so many fabulous pieces on the market, how do you know which bag to choose and is there one that fits nearly every walk of life?   I definitely think so!

Whether you're looking for a hot tote or a "she-she" shoulder bag, storage space or an array of colors, you'll find a fabulous selection of products from my friends at Ellington Handbags! 

Designed and put together with great care and style sense,  Ellington Bags offer something for everyone and price points that fit comfortably with most everyone.  We love the fall line up from Ellington and we're sure you will too.   Visit them at for more information.

The best haircut

In a recent article on AOL StyleList, I sat down with the beauty editors to discuss cut & style options for various hair types.  With many options to consider when going for that perfect cut, be sure your consultation is thorough and that your salon professional is able to repeat back to you the ideas you shared in looking for that perfect haircut.  More tips are shared on my hot new beauty blog, and the link beLOWE will take you right to the AOL story.


Martha Stewart Living - Billy Lowe Guest

Billy Lowe made a guest appearance yesterday on Martha Stewart Living on Sirius XM.

DJ Mario Bosquez chatted with Lowe on today's hot beauty tips, benefits of exfoliation, color out of a box, and so much more.  Callers spoke with Lowe about pinks and peaches, hair color after 50, what to take when you travel and DJ Lauren caught tips on hair care in sunny Florida.

Lowe's whirlwind trip to the Big Apple included press and media interviews, story content for fall, healthy hair for summer, and of course - holiday hair which is only a few short months away.   Look for Lowe's sizzling EMMY beauty countdown in just a few days as he goes behind the scenes to give you the best and the worst in Hollywood Hair.