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Summer Hair Color

Everyone's talking about summertime hair color. Should I lighten up? Should I go red? Should I add dimension? Or should I just have a natural fade-out tone?

These are all great questions. Our biggest piece of advice at the Billy Lowe beauty team is to collect pieces of inspiration, or notice people's hair that you admire. It's as simple as cutting out a few tear sheets from a magazine, or asking someone "Who does your hair?" Summertime hair color (and overall hair care) is really important. We recognize that many of you travel during this time so routine visits with your salon professional may not be as frequent. Be sure to follow these SIZZLING SUMMERTIME TIPS when it comes to your hair care.

Ask your salon professional which color is best for you this season.
Use the products and tools as prescribed by your salon professional and avoid self-prescribing!Look, Listen, and Learn as your salon professional styles your hair for that perfect summertime d…