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Are you a California Girl?

Don't wait til summertime to stroke those gorgeous manes. Billy Lowe will have you "California Girl" ready in no time.

Now through April 15, Billy Lowe will have you ready to hit surf and sands in no time. Get a partial highlight AND a blow-out for just $95.

Booked by appointment only, offer ends April 15, 2010. Good for new and returning clients.

Call the studio today at 323-654-2819.

Model: Cut & Color - Billy Lowe
Photo: Jeromy Robert Photography



Always flirty, always classy, Reese the hair and make-up team at Billy Lowe loves you. 

Why this cut & color works for many!

1 - Soft textured bangs - not too heavy or weighted
2 - Soft movement along neck and shoulders creates delicate balance
3 - Brilliant blonding and highlights for soft natural results
4 - An overall carefree, hassle free look that is easy to maintain whether you wash and wear or blow-dry. 

With any hair color or style, be sure you protect the ends especially as hair grows past shoulder area.  Occasional shine treatments in the salon keeps hair soft and luxurious, and frequent visits for trims and touch-ups are recommended especially for longer hair types.


Does your face shape really matter??

I'm asked all the time about face shapes and hair styles. While I think there's some general guidelines we can follow, I don't believe the rules are hard and fast.  I also believe that not ever rule fits every face shape and that there is always room for creativity, flexibility and bending the rules just a bit!

I can give every face shape the perfect cut & style, but if the client can't recreate the look I give them, or if they find the hair style too difficult to maintain, they'll ultimately be frustrated and dislike the look completely. What this means to me is that the client probably won't take care of their hair because it was too challenging, and most likely won't come back again.

My biggest beauty tip when considering a hair style is based on the following:

Will it fit your lifestyle? How much time do you have to style your hair and what are you willing to do to take care of it?  Are you a working professio…

News - PIC: Jessica Simpson Poses Without Makeup for Marie Claire - Style


It's amazing what a little make-up (remover) can do. Great Job MC on the HOT HOT cover. No panty-hose needed for this camera lens. Jessica looks amazing. Soft toussled hair, I'd say these locks definitely rock. I think the braid is a little Pocahontas, but seems to work. No "hair-do" needed here.

News - PIC: Jessica Simpson Poses Without Makeup for Marie Claire - Style & Beauty -

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Kate Gosselin's Dancing Routine - Dancing with the Stars -

A bit uncomfortable to watch. 
Kate our team would love to work with you for a day and teach you how to work a pair of pumps. 


For style & grace, there's nothing better than running a vacuum cleaner with your high-heels on. Reach-step-step. Reach-step-step. It's the oldest drag secret in the book. Why do you think those queens look so good on stage?

Wanna learn how to dance or walk? Throw on a pair of heels and run the vacuum cleaner for an hour.Kate, there's a lady in there somewhere - now take off the football jersey and let us see her!

Kate Gosselin - Hair Do or Hair Don't?


As if Octo-Mom weren't enough, seems media makes a huge frenzie out of people that have kids and rocket them into stardom. Kate - ride it baby (ahem).

Obviously - Kate has a lot of hair. With her petite features she is swallowed in mane and I think the blonding is much too bright.

Billy's suggesion:

Cut away at the fringe area just a bit more for a lighter (more textured) look. This will lighten the facial framing and add softer movement. Add occasional low-lights for more dimension in the color Keep the curls loose (as they are) with a larger barrel curling iron and finishing with a soft-hold spray.

'TRANSform Me' Ladies: Who'd You Rather?

LOVE IT. This is one make-over show you can't miss.

Trans-Gendered ladies help straight hopefuls look and feel their best with top to bottom make-overs. Girls if you can't get it from the Queens, who can you get it from.

This takes "Drag Race" to a whole new level. To all you straight women who've always said "She's prettier than a real woman!" well here's your chance to doll it up.

'TRANSform Me' Ladies: Who'd You Rather?



Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water, which dates back to the Romans, became part of the NestlĂ© Waters North America family of brands in 1999. Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water, Italy’s most famous spring water, comes from the region of Tuscany and is the ideal still water for dining occasions.

Seriously - this is like the BEST water on the market. I buy the glass bottles b/c of the taste (and because they look fabulous).

It's spring and summer and hydration is very important. So drink up baby. For hair and skin that glows, keep a bottle of water with you this season.

Finding a new hair salon

Yes it's true - when you move you're stressed out about 2 things and 2 things only. 
1 - Where you'll shop for groceries


2 - Who will do your hair

I'm in the process of moving and I FREAKED out last night when I went into my new grocery store (which is only 5 minutes from my old one).   The good news is that I don't have to go to the new one - I'm close enough that I can still go to the old one that I love.  The BAD news is - if I moved even further away that wouldn't be possible.

The same thing is true for finding a new hair stylist so listen up to these hot ROCK THE LOCKS tips. 

Ask for a referral - Notice someone's hair that you like and ask who does their hair. Read reviews online.    Check out what others are saying and look at salon websites. DON'T JUST WALK IN.   OMG you're putting your hair at huge risk by just "walking in."   Take your time.   You dealt with those messy bangs up until now, another day or 2 to find a reputable…

Ponytail How To's


Ladies I know it's spring, and summer's right around the corner, but go easy on your hair if you want it to look good for fall.

Ease up on the tension. Pulling hair too tightly causes breakage at the gathering area, as well as pulling at the front. Many people that wear ponytails all the time experience a lot more breakage and fall-out because of the stress and tension on the hair.

Be sure you are using padded rubber bands. Using unpadded rubber bands causes a lot of tension and pull on the hair leading to breakage and unhealthy looking hair.

Be sure to wear sunscreen. Pulling hair back and off the face exposes the face and neck area to more sun. Be sure these areas of the skin are protected. I recommend wearing wide brim hats.

Repent from your self-prescribing


Those of you that are hacking away at your own locks, or mixing and blending your own color out of a box - cut it out!!! At the very least, put yourself on a quarterly plan to visit your hair stylist. My personal recommendation is every 6 to 8 weeks, but if you can't make it that often, hit it once every 3 months.

This program also works because it keeps you in with seasonal trend and up comings.
January - New YearApril - Spring TrendJuly - Fall TrendOctober - Moves you into holiday trendYou can shift this around 1 or 2 weeks before or after but those are my recommendations for visiting your salon professional if a 6-8 week program doesn't work out for you. But above all - STOP DOING IT YOURSELF!!!!