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What's new? What's next? And who said?

Every year, and with each new season, consumers anxiously await the latest tips, trends and products to come and go. From spring and summer trend to "Back to School" promotions, we sit with baited breath and ask ourselves "What's new - What's next?"

Grail Research, for example, is a global research and decision support firm that provides organizations with accurate and succinct answers to their most important business questions. In today’s rapidly changing environment, many companies look to Grail Research to deliver important information on the marketplace, making sound decisions that will support the growth and expansion of their business. These include topics such as entering new markets, launching and enhancing products, making acquisitions or strategic investments, unseating competitors, and more.

Each year, consumers are becoming more and more savvy with regard to product use and ingredients, at-home remedies, health and nutrition and so much more. …

Epsom Salt Benefits

Now, more than ever, consumers everywhere are looking for great ways to look and feel their best without breaking the bank. From $100 spa and salon services to $400 face creams, it seems people are spending thousands of dollars every year on beauty related services. But are there more affordable solutions in day-to-day beauty and relaxation services? After doing a little homework of my own and remembering tales from Grandma's house, I think I've found the answer.

Researchers at the Epsom Salt Council note that "Epsom Salt can help women create their own spa treatments at home, and this naturally-occurring mineral can leave your readers with glowing skin and smooth feet. Best of all, you can get Epsom salt for just a few bucks at your local pharmacy or supermarket and give yourself a Red Carpet look." If that's the case, I give it two thumbs up. But what is it exactly that makes this miracle ingredient so miraculous? Here's the skinny (taken from Eps…

Personal Development Magazine

Every day, millions of television viewers are hit with messages from reality make-over shows encouraging them to look thinner, be more beautiful, compete to win or swap spouses. Contestants on these shows are put through grueling wellness programs, extreme face lifts, and placed in situations that would seem almost impossible for the viewing audience to imagine. In fact, there's often a disconnect between the couch and the television leaving the viewer to think the end results are nearly impossible to him or her.

But is it really about looking younger? Is it really about being thinner? Is it really about putting your body through extremes just to come out ahead? Having worked on a number of reality shows myself, I've come to believe a couple of things. 1) We all love a happy ending and we want to see people better themselves in whatever form and 2) Some people do need to go through (or witness) extremes so they are sure they never want to go back to "that place…