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Hair Pro Advice

Every day millions of people wake up to face another day, only to become more and more frustrated by time and efforts to get ready in the mornings. "Should I even bother?" We ask ourselves. "Is it even worth it? I'll just throw on a ball cap and be done with it."

In 2009 I was honored to be asked to answer many Q&A's for my friends at Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide - the #1 hair magazine worldwide answering all the latest beauty how to's, and even showing step by step tips on how to get the latest looks. Whether you're looking for a hot new cut or color, or inspiration photos from salons around the world, Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide is truly THE source for beauty news. This magazine is carried in most grocery store shelves and has the largest readership of any other hairstyle magazine.

Every day, questions pour in from readers all over the world on how they should style their hair, which color would be best suited for them, whether or n…

How Not to Get Scammed by Con Artists Posing as Trade Show Operatives - AOL Small Business

The Oscars

Every year thousands upon thousands of people flock to Los Angeles during awards season - especially for the Oscars to get a glimpse of their favorite celeb(s) as they walk the red carpet in hopes of their very own space-aged looking statue. Can we say C3PO?

3 nights ago I attended the premiere of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (3D I might add) and streets were already blocked off, police force in full swing directing traffic, helicopters overhead with lights on nearly every corner and clients running late for hair and make-up like you wouldn't believe. And yes, the crappy gift shops are stocked up on every Oscar statue imaginable including "Best Mom Oscar", "Best Dad Oscar", and probably "Best Dog Oscar". Wouldn't surprise me.

As I prepare my own kits and cases in preparation for the weekend, I can't help but wonder who will wear what - and what will wear whom. With bottles of champagne at every table and stumbling recipients with …

Tools Tools Tools!

Each and every year I have the opportunity to attend, speak, or make a special presentation at a trade show or beauty event. Thousands upon thousands of industry professionals show up to see the latest and the greatest styling tools, products and accessories to improve their skill and drive new business. From round brushes to hair dryers, chemical services to styling serums, beauty professionals swarm the booths to see what's in, what's new, and what's next.

This year I've had the opportunity to hold, sample and test a couple of new products that weren't exactly my favorite. A few years ago, the IN STYLER was launched which is the cross between a rotating curling iron and a paddle brush that will straighten, curl, or smooth hair with ease. This year, PARIS HILTON's name has appeared on a new product called CELEBRITY STYLER which is similar to the IN STYLER.

Every product that is launched has a niche, a specific "can do" that supposedly no other pro…