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The perfect blow-out

Here are my top tips for extending your blow out during awards season.

1 - Use metal or ceramic round brushes. The barrel heats up - speeding up your blow-drying time, and creating a smoother/polished look. And because the barrels are vented, you're blowing the hair through on both sides which also helps speed up your drying time.

2 - Use style creams - NOT silicone serums. Creams are more occlusive - helping seal down the cuticle layer - for a smoother more glassy result. Tame and control are what you need in order to extend the life of your blow-out - thus styling creams are great for this, and great for ALL hair types. Simply adjust the amount of cream used - based on the hair type that you have. The BillyLowe Silky Style Cream is truly THE best for blow-outs - it's absolutely unheard of results are truly red carpet results.

3 - Use high heat, medium speed (not high speed) to maintain control of the hair th roughout the blow-dry process. High speed - will blow t…
In a recent letter from a client, Carla says:

Hello, I have mid-back length hair that is thick. Every time I curl my hair (usually with rollers since a iron doesn’t work well with my hair), the curls look good but sadly only last less than half a day. They sorta stretch themselves out and unwind. Is there any solution for this and for hard-to-style hair?

My response:
Dear Carla. It's true, longer hair types may not hold the curl as long. Are you using professional products (tools and styling products?) recommended by your salon professional?

I would recommend setting up a styling session with your hairstylist to have them walk you through some of these tips. I recommend curling the hair with your curling iron as you do (be sure to protect hair w/ a thermal styling spray), and when the hair is warm from the curling iron, wrap it around your fingers to create a barrel curl and clip the barrel curl to the scalp area. Do this for the entire head and allow curls to cool for 15-20 minu…

Hair and Beauty Salon Questions and Styling Techniques

Occasionally I receive client Q and A's which I always love to read and respond to. Many clients have questions about their hair color, hair cut, or highlights, and I find that giving good feedback and tips is always helpful to readers. I've never really been one to "follow the rules" when it comes to face shape guideline because I believe we are all uniquely different and it's hard to sum up individual tastes with 6 or 7 different "rules." Let’s take a look at Mandy’s question.

Mandy says:
This is for my mom. She has naturally curly hair, I mean really naturally curly hair. It’s usually frizzy. Every time she goes to the salon she has a hard time getting a good haircut. She wants one to love her curls but also one that can be straight. She has had one style that she liked Faith Hill had it but has never been able to get again. Plus tips on how to get her hair straight and the curls do something like Taylor Swift’s hair does. She loves her hair.

My re…