Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How to avoid a BAD HAIR CUT.

We've all had it happen and there's nothing in the world like it.    Your stylist is chatting away, you're listening attentively trying to tune into the conversation but all it sounds like is BLA BLA BLA while you're hearing every snap of the shears.  The end result?   Just a little too much "off the top." 

What could be worse than sitting down to what you hope will be the BEST hair cut, that turns out to be the worst hair cut you've ever possibly imagined.  Here are some of the best ways you can avoid a bad hair cut this season, and some great tips on getting the BEST hair cut, and trusting your salon professional in the process.

  1. Never "walk in!"   We see the signs over the salon welcoming us that says "Walk ins welcome!".  Most people walk in or make a last minute hair cut decision because of an emotional response to something, or a promotion they saw in the window.  It is, perhaps, the worst decision a person can make.  Without knowing anything about that salon professional, it's hard to know his or her level of expertise or how your own hair will turn out. 
  2. Never do it yourself.  Many times we're tempted to cut our own bangs, or even worse color our own hair but do it yourself hair can be costly to correct, and can take what seems like ages to grow back out.   It's always best to get professional advice and expertise for your hair services. 
  3. Avoid online "deal of the day" campaigns.  While these sound great out the door, without knowing anything about the salon or stylist, you're right back at step 1 - walking in without knowing anything about the salon or stylist. 
Here's the BEST way to get a great hair cut (or color) this season.
  1. Always ask for referrals.  Notice a friend, family, someone at the supermarket or school whose hair you like and simply ask "Who does your hair."   You'll get a great referral most likely, and you'll know a little about that salon professional prior to sitting in the chair. 
  2. Bring photos or inspiration pieces you may find from a magazine or news article.   This is a great way to demonstrate to your stylist what you are thinking in terms of cut or color.   Also, write a few words out beside your photos so you can also describe what you are seeing and what you're seeking in your cut or color. 
Too much communication is never enough.  The salon industry is one built on relationships and maintaining a consistent relationship with your salon professional is always the best way to go.


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