Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Take a chance - on a great cut and style

I love the new cover of LA Confidential featuring Chace Crawford

From the famous photos of James Dean and his white T's and polished to current stars of today, there's nothing better than a classic cut and style on the male audience and I say leave the length.

With guys it isn't about perfecting the look anymore.  It used to be about every strand of hair falling perfectly in place and a clean line just around the ears.   Now it's about texture, shape, and a more unkempt look.

Over directing hair and minimizing what's taken off on top allows for great fall and movement, and hair that can be styled in countless ways. Ask for razor cutting around the neckline for a more natural look and distribution of hair.   Be sure you are working with a seasoned stylist and not just ordering a 1, 2, 3 or 4.   Yes guys, you might have to spend $100 but it's totally worth it!!!    Blow-dry hair using a shaping gel or pomade, and finish with a mattifying wax or shaper to add texture, shape, and hold.

Chance we love the cut.

Billy Lowe was named "best of" in stylist categories for LA Confidential for the 2009 calendar year.  

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