Martha Stewart Living - Billy Lowe Guest

Billy Lowe makes a guest appearance on Sirius XM
Billy Lowe made a guest appearance yesterday on Martha Stewart Living on Sirius XM. 

DJ Mario Bosquez chatted with Lowe on today's hot beauty tips, benefits of exfoliation, color out of a box, and so much more.  Callers spoke with Lowe about pinks and peaches, hair color after 50, what to take when you travel and DJ Lauren caught tips on hair care in sunny Florida.

Lowe's whirlwind trip to the Big Apple included press and media interviews, story content for fall, healthy hair for summer, and of course - holiday hair which is only a few short months away.   Look for Lowe's sizzling EMMY beauty countdown in just a few days as he goes behind the scenes to give you the best and the worst in Hollywood Hair.


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