Eyelash Extensions - Los Angeles Emmys

Get lashed this season. Lashes by Billy Lowe

Eyelash Extensions are still the craze in the world of beauty and with today's technology, they are getting better and better.  Adhesives are being reformulated each and every year for cleaner, smoother and longer lasting applications.  Great care is being taken in the world of eyelash education to be sure technicians are properly trained, and that safety, sanitation, and hygiene are taught to ensure the most effective applications.  With Emmys right around the corner, look for those gorgeous lashes on the red carpet walk-ups. 

My words of caution if you are considering lash extensions.  

1.  Be SURE you are working with a licensed and certified expert.   Check to be sure licenses are current and haven't expired, and that your lash technician is certified from a reputable company.
2.  Ask to see pictures of your technician's work.   A seasoned expert will have a nice portfolio of photos to show you.
3.  If you're getting "lashed" for $50 or $60 bucks - run the other way.   This is a very time consuming procedure and proper set-up, application, and follow up take a little time so it's worth paying more to get better quality, service and results.
4.  Book your follow-up appointments right away.   A full lash extension set will last you 2-3 weeks and you'll need refills about every 2-3 weeks thereafter.  

Here's a look at a bad before, and a great "after"   lash set.    The photo at the top of this post is a gorgeous set of lashes applied by Billy Lowe.   We think you'll see the difference.
Before and After.    Notice the difference? 


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