Ear Coning - My first experience

The flames went higher, higher, higher...............

I booked my appointment today for ear coning.   I've heard about its benefits and how relaxing it can be but had never had it done for myself.  I went into the treatment room and my technician asked me to lie down on one side.  

The process would be simple:   She would place huge tubes in my ears, set them on fire, and I would feel nothing.   

 Valium anyone?

"Is this going to be hot?"  I asked.  

"No" she replied, and didn't say another word.   And truly it wasn't.  She lit the ends of the cones with a lighter and I could see the flames in the reflection of her window.   By now my heart was racing.  But she gently placed the unlit end into the ear canal and the warmth of the cone was actually quite relaxing.  I could hear crackling inside the ear and I knew something must be working.  This lasted about 10 minutes on each side and I was finished in a matter of 20 minutes, no pain at all. 

The end result:  Well, quite honestly even I didn't want to look at it.  However I'm sure I can  hear better than I did before.   Here are a few links on ear coning, and the benefits I found.   I'm actually quite impressed and can't wait til my next treatment next month.  Please ask your medical professional before trying this out.   This article is written and to be used for informational purposes only, and to share my own experience with you. 

Ear Coning Article 1

Eear Coning Article 2

Ear Coning Article 3


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