Thursday, August 12, 2010

Color Correction - Ring around the forehead!

There's nothing worse than having your hair colored being left with RING AROUND THE FOREHEAD!

A seasoned salon professional will know to always apply a little color barrier around the hair line.   I recommend shea butter, a stain block professional treatment, or a thicker conditioner if all else fails (or if your stylist has run out of the aforementioned).

At the shampoo area, ask your stylist to apply a little shampoo around the hairline before he or she rinses your hair.    The shampoo begins working right away around this area and helps loosen color around the hairline before shampooing even begins.  This helps minimize the staining effects of hair color on the skin, and makes it easier to lather up around the hairline to remove any color in the area.  Ask your salon professional for a Q-Tip for the ears to prevent any staining there as well, and be sure you keep a towel around your neck to prevent color or water running down the neck area as well. 

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