Monday, August 09, 2010

Celebrity Beauty Tip: Healthy Hair

A 2 or 3 oz spray bottle allows many beauty remedies
All you need is a 2 oz bottle!

This summer, many people are enjoying fun in the sun either hiking, camping, swimming, or taking road trips.  But amidst the comings and goings, it's not easy to remember everything it takes to defend hair, skin and body against solar damage.   Moreover, light packing isn't always easily accomplished unless we know how to do it. 

When you're out and about this summer, especially if you're swimming, I suggest pre-treating hair with a moisture mist to hydrate hair, and prevent over saturation/build-up caused by swimming or environmental damage.  Here's what you'll need. 
  1. A 2 or 3 oz spray bottle
  2. A hydrating conditioner
Apply a small amount of hydrating conditioner in spray bottle (about 1 teaspoon).   Fill the bottle with water and shake well to mix.   Mist the ends of your hair with your "hydrating mist" and scrunch through to saturate your hair.    This will help hydrate your hair prior to swimming or being out in the sun, and helps prevent build-up as well.    After swimming, be sure to shampoo and condition hair right away to maintain healthy locks and great shine.  Enjoy. 

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