The best smile!

I was recently asked what my favorite part of makeover shows is.  Great question. 

I think back to the many shows I've worked on or been a part of, either in front of or behind the camera.  I've seen hundreds of transformations inside and out, and worked with countless makeover contestants through the years to lead them through their very own walk on the red carpet.   From eye lifts to laser treatments, weight loss to hair color, I have to say that perhaps my favorite part of any makeover is to give someone a great smile.

When we can't smile on the outside, it's often hard to smile on the inside.   I remember as a kid not having a perfect smile and how affected I was about my own experience during those years.  I never had braces and remember being too embarrassed to even bring it up.    My smiles were dimly lit, and I did my best to conceal my teeth when smiling. 

It wasn't until I had a little TLC in college with a fabulous dentist who helped me not only smile on the outside, but beam on the inside.   The transformation was priceless and this experience has graced all the photos I've taken through the years thanks to him.   Hair and makeup are both easy to learn, or easy to have done.    But to give someone a great smile, is like setting them free.    To run, to jump, to be a kid, and to laugh and smile over a cup of coffee.

So to all of you, from all of me - here's to a great day, and a great smile.   Thanks for reading.

Billy Lowe


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