Beauty Secret - Oil Blotting Papers

I recently visited New York City on a fast-track trip for press and media interviews.  On one of our radio shows, I was asked a question about oil blotting papers and the best way to use them, and whether or not they are actually beneficial. 

Oil blotting papers help absorb excess oil or congestion from the skin caused as the day goes on.  Those of us that live in larger cities (Los Angeles, New York, and Miami for example) experience what I refer to as "city skin" with much congestion in the air which ultimately causes skin to look and feel not so fresh.  Rather than patting down, or touching up throughout the day, why not remove excess build-up on the skin caused by oil, sweat, and daily congestion or pollution as well as toxins in the air.   Oil blotting papers help do just that rather than packing on extra powder or products which will lead to more build-up on the skin, clogged pores, etc.  Sometimes less is more, and removing can be more beneficial than adding on.

Look for oil blotting papers at some of your local department stores or drug stores such as CVS,  Rite-Aid, or Clinique Cosmetics.


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