Color correction - going darker - adding low-lights


Believe it or not, many clients this year are opting for darker tones, dimensional color and settling out of much of the "beach blonde" look.   With summer in full swing, hair has a tendency to become lighter (or over processed) due to sun exposure, lack of timely salon appointments during high travel seasons, and enjoying a little surf to cool off this season.  I love the look of the deeper tones we're seeing and lots of people are sporting this great look!

My suggestions: 

  • Talk with your stylist about adding lowlights to your color.   This is a secondary color added in for more depth, dimension and beautiful results.
  • Be sure you're protecting your hair this summer with wide-brim hats from my friends at
  • Chat with your stylist about which products you should be using this season
  • Ask your stylist about adding a color glaze 1-2 shades darker than the color you have now .  A word of warning, this isn't always as simple as mixing color and adding.  Many times, color correction procedures have to be applied to replace lost color - before adding the final color.

Have fun this summer, and stay tuned for more great beauty tips coming soon to LOWELIGHTS.COM



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