Monday, April 19, 2010

Wedding Hair - Salons and Bridal Season

Hair and makeup by Billy Lowe
As your wedding day gets closer - be sure you are planning ahead for your salon and beauty services.

There's nothing worse than getting right up to your wedding day with no concrete plans or pre-bookings for your hair or makeup services.  Wedding Day Hair is a critical part of the day for the bride and everyone else. 

Here are my top suggestions for securing beautiful wedding day hair on your special day. 

  1. Don't wait too long for your first consultation and run-through.  Delays creates last minute confusion not only in getting people scheduled but the overall wedding day vision as well. 
  2. Take plenty of photos for inspiration, and remember to take photos while you are at your hair rehearsal.
  3. Pre-book ALL appointments needed for cut and color services leading up to your wedding day
  4. Confirm your beauty professional's availability one week prior to your wedding as a reminder to him or her about your special day
  5. Get creative, add feathers and flair
  6. Do not let your brides maids drive separately! One of them will surely get lost!
Most of all - have fun. It's your big day, and one you've long waited for.

Model hair: Billy Lowe

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