OK everyone. Last night I attended a bridal expo with all the bells and whistles. There were chocolate bars, cakes, flowers, music and the room was so beautifully put together. My FAVORITE vendor for the evening was a fabulous company called THE STICKY PIG. These are little candied bacons with the flavor and texture of sweet, salty, spicy, sticky and crunchy all in one delectible bite. I sat down with the owner Tara Simon to find out more.

BL: How would you describe your service?
TS: Right now I'm mostly internet/retail based, branching out into catering. It's great for fine gifts, party favors, weddings,

BL: How did you start The Sticky Pig and what is it exactly?
TS: The Sticky Pig started in November 2009, and it's waht I call basic candied bacon. Bacon with brown sugar, pop it in the over until it's sweet & gooey. I then took it to the next level, adding different flavors and texure combinations .

BL: What does a person experience when they first taste The Sticky Pig:
TS: Sometimes they don't know what to expect, but after they taste it, there's a lot going on. It's the combination of sweets, salts, and some say it doesn't even taste like bacon.

BL: What is your favorite Sticky Pig Selection?
TS: That's a hard one - but I would say my favorite is the apple, pecan dulce de leche.

That's it. YOU MUST try these little delicious treats. Visit THE STICKY PIG for more info.

Or call 877-722-1220


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