Friday, April 02, 2010

Iron Man 2 - Scarlett Johansson rocks the locks!!!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program - as this blog is over-heating!


While much of Hollywood uses wigs and hair pieces, I love the dark color on Scarlett - wig or not! Warm mahoganies look amazing against her cherry colored lips in this movie campaign poster. My make-up team suggests air-brushed make-up for that perfect application.

To get Scarlett's look: Shampoo & condition as normal and use a styling gel or cream. Taking small 1" sections, make small twisties in hair and diffuse dry. Keep twisties loose while you work. If they are too tight they'll have a straight effect and won't hold the curl. Or, you can use a 1" barrel curling iron and work in small sections as you curl hair all the way up to root area.

The smaller the sections for this style, the cleaner & tighter the curl. Finish with a texture spray or firm hold spray and scrunch through as you spray. We look forward to seeing Scarlett rock the locks in this movie.

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