Does your face shape really matter??

I'm asked all the time about face shapes and hair styles. While I think there's some general guidelines we can follow, I don't believe the rules are hard and fast.  I also believe that not ever rule fits every face shape and that there is always room for creativity, flexibility and bending the rules just a bit!

I can give every face shape the perfect cut & style, but if the client can't recreate the look I give them, or if they find the hair style too difficult to maintain, they'll ultimately be frustrated and dislike the look completely. What this means to me is that the client probably won't take care of their hair because it was too challenging, and most likely won't come back again.

My biggest beauty tip when considering a hair style is based on the following:

  • Will it fit your lifestyle? How much time do you have to style your hair and what are you willing to do to take care of it?  Are you a working professional?  A person on the go?  Do you have time to style your hair?
  • What styling tools and hair products are you comfortable working with?   If the answer is NONE, then I know you may need a simpler cut & style that's easy for you to maintain on a daily basis.  In this case, we definitely want to think outside the box (and possibly bend the rules of face shapes just a bit).
  • Do you want wash and wear or something you have to maintain?

If I can tap into these general clues FIRST, then we can create a look that will not only fit your features, but will also fit your lifestyle! From there, you'll be more inclined to take care of it, spend time, etc.

Check out THIS LINK for my segment on the Hallmark Home and Family show on Face Shapes.

Don't get bogged down by the "rules of the game" or what your "face shape" is all about.  Rules are made to be broken and beauty is truly an individual thing. Have fun - be beautiful - and love your hair. After all, it's an accessory and an investment.


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