What's new? What's next? And who said?

Every year, and with each new season, consumers anxiously await the latest tips, trends and products to come and go. From spring and summer trend to "Back to School" promotions, we sit with baited breath and ask ourselves "What's new - What's next?"

Grail Research, for example, is a global research and decision support firm that provides organizations with accurate and succinct answers to their most important business questions. In today’s rapidly changing environment, many companies look to Grail Research to deliver important information on the marketplace, making sound decisions that will support the growth and expansion of their business. These include topics such as entering new markets, launching and enhancing products, making acquisitions or strategic investments, unseating competitors, and more.

Each year, consumers are becoming more and more savvy with regard to product use and ingredients, at-home remedies, health and nutrition and so much more. With that said, here's what Grail believes will be the top 5 trends to watch in the health and beauty industries. Taken from Grail Research Website.
  1. Catering to “All Women” – Large brands are increasingly addressing the needs of different ethnic groups with single products designed to work well and look natural with all skin tones.
  2. Promoting “Beauty from Within” – A market for nutricosmetics (ingestible products formulated and marketed specifically for beauty purposes) is emerging in the U.S., following after Europe and Japan – where anti-aging is a big concern.
  3. Professional Make-up for Everyday Consumers – Previously only available to celebrities and their make-up artists, pro make-up is reaching the mass market, giving consumers the high-definition looks they desire as well as confidence in the quality of the products they are buying.
  4. Co-Branding with Hollywood – Beauty companies are partnering with popular television and movie production companies to co-brand theme-based products, particularly to appeal to the elusive teen market.
  5. Virtual Experience-based shopping – Rich, Web-based brand experiences – including education; tips and tricks; and virtual makeovers – are strengthening the bond with consumers.

I'd say the heat is on for product manufacturers, as well as press & media to be sure they are delivering great information to their readers and viewers. Let's see what the rest of 2010 has to offer.

Billy Lowe


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