Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tools Tools Tools!

Each and every year I have the opportunity to attend, speak, or make a special presentation at a trade show or beauty event. Thousands upon thousands of industry professionals show up to see the latest and the greatest styling tools, products and accessories to improve their skill and drive new business. From round brushes to hair dryers, chemical services to styling serums, beauty professionals swarm the booths to see what's in, what's new, and what's next.

This year I've had the opportunity to hold, sample and test a couple of new products that weren't exactly my favorite. A few years ago, the IN STYLER was launched which is the cross between a rotating curling iron and a paddle brush that will straighten, curl, or smooth hair with ease. This year, PARIS HILTON's name has appeared on a new product called CELEBRITY STYLER which is similar to the IN STYLER.

Every product that is launched has a niche, a specific "can do" that supposedly no other product can accomplish. Whether it's paraben-free, sulfate free, or a nano whatchamacallit, a hook, line and sinker will get you every time.

I had the opportunity to try out both of these products and feel they were just "ok" in my book. The idea is that they can save you a step or 2 in the styling process, but I found that hair pulled, tugged, and the nylon bristles created more fraying and pull to the hair than what I'm used to in the studio.

Pros: These products work ok on dry hair and take a lot of getting used to. I certainly don't recommend using these on wet hair. There are adjustable heat settings which is always a plus, and you can turn the rotating iron action on or off. These products are not over priced and can fit into almost any budget. I like the brush portion of the Celeb Styler more than the In Styler becaue they are vented bristles and don't fray the hair as much.

Cons: If you are a new-comer to the world of beauty or styling your own hair, moving parts on any styling device, and too many settings can confuse even the most experienced beauty maven. There is a slight bend to the brush so that it wraps around the rotating iron - which makes pulling straight down a little challenging because you're always left with a slight bend to the hair. Secondly, many people get confused and concerned by the rotating iron because they feel their hair will get wrapped up in it and become tangled. I personally don't like the bristles and feel they aren't as smooth in action as they could be.

My suggestion - KEEP IT SIMPLE. Shampoo and towel dry, apply your styling products or serums, and finger dry as desired. A simple flat-iron with ceramic plates will to the trick every time - and if you DO need a little bend or flair - just give your flat iron a flick toward the ends (in or out) and voila. You're on your way. No noice, no fuss, no pulling or tugging.


Billy Lowe

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