Sunday, March 07, 2010

Personal Development Magazine

Every day, millions of television viewers are hit with messages from reality make-over shows encouraging them to look thinner, be more beautiful, compete to win or swap spouses. Contestants on these shows are put through grueling wellness programs, extreme face lifts, and placed in situations that would seem almost impossible for the viewing audience to imagine. In fact, there's often a disconnect between the couch and the television leaving the viewer to think the end results are nearly impossible to him or her.

But is it really about looking younger? Is it really about being thinner? Is it really about putting your body through extremes just to come out ahead? Having worked on a number of reality shows myself, I've come to believe a couple of things. 1) We all love a happy ending and we want to see people better themselves in whatever form and 2) Some people do need to go through (or witness) extremes so they are sure they never want to go back to "that place" ever again. Too often we get comfortable where we are and we forget to strive for more.
While I don't believe it's necessarily about looking "10 years younger," and I don't believe "extreme makeovers" are always the way to go, I do believe that daily acceptance of ourselves for who we are is very important and is a great place to start. I also believe we should strive to be better each and every day than we were the day before whether that's looks, time management, physical or mental wellness, etc.

Look for my article written for Personal Development Magazine on stands this summer and remember - there's a perfect 10 in each of us - just as we are.

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