I'm a soap boy from head to toe!

I've heard people say "You shouldn't use soap on your skin." Nothing could be further from the truth and I'm sure this was some old wives tale their mother told them. The lathering of soap helps create slip on the skin so daily build-up is easily rinsed away. My personal favorite - ERNO LASZLO SEA MUD SOAP. Known as the Grandfather of Skincare and for his splashing rituals, ERNO LASZLO SKINCARE has kept this face baby soft for nearly 10 years. While it's more pricey than your average bar of soap, its a long lasting bar, an effective skincare system, and the results I see are awesome. As Erno Laszlo once said "If you wanna look 40 when you're 60, you have to start when you're 20!" But as I've always said "It's never too late to start taking care of your skin!"


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