The Oscars

Every year thousands upon thousands of people flock to Los Angeles during awards season - especially for the Oscars to get a glimpse of their favorite celeb(s) as they walk the red carpet in hopes of their very own space-aged looking statue. Can we say C3PO?

3 nights ago I attended the premiere of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (3D I might add) and streets were already blocked off, police force in full swing directing traffic, helicopters overhead with lights on nearly every corner and clients running late for hair and make-up like you wouldn't believe. And yes, the crappy gift shops are stocked up on every Oscar statue imaginable including "Best Mom Oscar", "Best Dad Oscar", and probably "Best Dog Oscar". Wouldn't surprise me.

As I prepare my own kits and cases in preparation for the weekend, I can't help but wonder who will wear what - and what will wear whom. With bottles of champagne at every table and stumbling recipients with 5 year old rehearsed speeches - time will tell but I'm sure we'll find it all here with TV Guide's annual program.

Me, I'll be hanging at the 4 Seasons Beverly Hills all weekend fussing over hair & make-up for the day's bookings. Stay tuned - I'm sure there will be tons of gossip, photos and news to update you with.

Billy Lowe



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