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Lookin' sexy Hutton!

More is definitely more at the Hutton Wilkinson presentation to an intimate group of people on his book MORE IS MORE. From his years with visionary Tony Duquette to his ever-fabulous self now, Hutton Wilkinson is truly a man of style, charm and sophistication.

For more information on his book More is More or to find out more about Hutton Wilkinson or Tony Duquette designs, please visit and This book is a must have for every home, and is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.



From detangling to basic styling, the Denman D83 is one of my all-time favorites. The soft padding gives great movement through hair, and as we all know Denman is the ultimate classic styling brand.

Visit today for styling products and be sure to add the D83 to your collection of styling tools for red carpet hair today.

Protect your Hair from Summertime Damage

Hitting the surf and sand? Protect those gorgeous locks.

My friends at make it fun and easy to find your favorite summertime shade - in the form of a hat. Whether you're looking for a wide-brim hat or something a little less visible, you'll find a great collection of hats and "do-wear" to protect your hair from summertime damage.

As always, apply a light-weight leave in conditioner, never land chlorine or ocean water dry in your hair, and ask your hair stylist which products and tools you should be using this season for fun & frolic in the sun & sand.



Felicity we LOVE you.
Perfect color, great dimension, and a chic style.

To get felicity's look: Shampoo & condition as normal. Apply styling cream or volumizing serum to hair & distribute using a large paddle brush. Next, using a 2 to 3 inch metal barrel round brush, blowdry hair in 2-3 inch sections and set hair in barrel curls all over. Allow to set for 10-15 minutes and release barrel curls. Shake loose, define curls as needed with larger barrel curling iron, and use a light-hold spray to add texture and twist.

A barrel curl is achieved simply by wrapping hair around fingers and clipping into place. Easy!

News - Britney Spears Is Blonde Again! - Style


Color can take a toll on the hair, especially shifting color so frequently. Though she chilled for 3 months as a brunette, Britney looks great in soft blonde tones and a great tan.

Billy's tip: If you change your color up frequently, check in with your salon professional about proper tools and products you can use at home to keep your hair in optimal condition.

News - Britney Spears Is Blonde Again! - Style & Beauty -

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Photos - Which Hair Is Best? - Best Pixie Cut - Ginnifer Goodwin vs. Carey Mulligan -

Photos - Which Hair Is Best? - Best Pixie Cut - Ginnifer Goodwin vs. Carey Mulligan -

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This little product has been my favorite for nearly 15 years. While it's undergone a couple of name and package changes, it's still the same great formula that has taken care of this face and body for a long time.

It is a thick consistency so break it down with a little water. I actually use it on my face once a day in the morning, and when I'm shaving I use it to help stimulate the skin and prep facial hair. The results? Baby smooth skin that looks and feels fresh and awake.
Retails for about $20.00 and may vary by retailer.

Benefits of exfoliation: Brings brighter more beautiful skin cells to the surface, speeds up cellular turnover and removes layers of dead surface skin that causes skin to look dull and lifeless. By shedding dead/tired skin cells, moisturizer is able to do what it's supposed to do, and skin looks and feels fresh, new and radiant.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Justin Bieber Challenges Zac Efron to a Hair-Off!


OK boys - game's on!

Justin Bieber Challenges Zac Efron to a Hair-Off!
Billy's tip:  Be careful of over-directing hair.   Try this when you're 30 and the recession lines will look ridiculous.  Efron's hair carries a more classic look that works great for most face types.  Whether choppy or clean, hair that is styled back and away opens the face and brightens the features.

News - Jen Aniston Steals Angelina Jolie Look -- Again! - Style

Jen and Angelena look fabulous. They've both been wearing ponytails for years. While I'm not fond of the Salmon colored hefty sack that Jen was wearing, her hair & skin always look radiant and I'm loving the lips. Angelena is definitely rocking spring colors with a soft, natural lip.

To get the look for spring: blend foundation over lips to "erase" and apply lighter shades (peaches/corals) of your favorite glosses or colors. Finish with clear gloss or blot with tissue for a more matte look.

News - Jen Aniston Steals Angelina Jolie's Look -- Again! - Style & Beauty -

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Clarisonic Opal


Sonic technology for the eye area (or wherever you'd like to use it).

I had the opportunity to help launch and present the Clarisonic Opal for the 2009 Spa and Beauty Expo in Austin, TX. This device is amazing.

Created by the inventors of the Clarisonic device and Sonicare Toothbrush, the Clarisonic Opal helps infuse serum into the eye area, stimulate micro-circulation, reduce dark circles and revitalize eye area visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The more you use it, the better the results. I love mine, and I think you'll feel the same when you order yours.



Nice job! You didn't plan ahead, your hair stylist is out of town, and you get the brilliant idea to try it yourself.

What happens?
  • Poor color choice
  • Half the bottle ends up on the floor and sink
  • You ruin your towels
  • You spend $300 for color correction when your stylist returns!

Billy's suggestion: DON'T DO IT YOURSELF!!! Your salon professional is trained, licensed and certified to apply professionals color, and to formulate that perfect color based on your hair care needs.

Hot Pics - Fergie on Fire - Fergie -


One of the best ways to make a statement is to add contrast (hair color, make-up or wardrobe). Contrast simply means opposite. If you have darker skin tones, use lighter colors to achieve contrast. If you have lighter skin, use darker colors for contrast.

This deep chocolate hair color is much more flattering on Fergie and gives amazing polish and shine! Hair looks healthier, richer and fuller. 2 thumbs up for our space aged beauty.

Billy's tip: Before changing your hair color this dramatically, visit a wig store, try on a few different pieces and see what you think. Take someone who knows you and your tastes. You might just surprise yourself by trying something new!

Hot Pics - Fergie on Fire - Fergie -
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Spring Make-up Trend 2010

So I'm strolling through Nordstrom last night after dinner asking the make-up teams what's the HOTTEST tip for spring. Just one thing - skincare, sunscreens, lips, eyes - ANYTHING. NOTHING! No one knew a thing!

However, let me bring it to you right from the source. 2 HOT tickets this spring:

SOFT NEUTRAL LIPS (corals, peaches, whether glossy or matte)
BOLD EYES - not dramatic (contrasting liners, eye shimmers)

Don't overdo it this season. Apply 1 stroke instead of 5, and keep your glosses and eye liners with you this season. They are the HOTTEST tickets in town!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt Chops Off Her Hair - Style


Wanna really kick him in the pants? Give the do a new look. Especially, hack away a good 10 inches (your hair I mean). Jennifer you rocked Audrey Hepburn and you're still rockin!

Billy's Suggestion: A side swept bang with this cut will create a softer more flattering look to the forehead and eye area, and create more balance with prominent features.

News - Newly Single Jennifer Love Hewitt Chops Off Her Hair - Style & Beauty -

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Photos - Which Hair Is Best? - Best Retro Waves - Cameron Diaz vs. Kate Winslet -

Winslet vs Diaz in Best Retro Waves. What do you think?   Log on by clicking Kate's image and vote today.  

Photos - Which Hair Is Best? - Best Retro Waves - Cameron Diaz vs. Kate Winslet -

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I'm a soap boy from head to toe!

I've heard people say "You shouldn't use soap on your skin." Nothing could be further from the truth and I'm sure this was some old wives tale their mother told them. The lathering of soap helps create slip on the skin so daily build-up is easily rinsed away. My personal favorite - ERNO LASZLO SEA MUD SOAP. Known as the Grandfather of Skincare and for his splashing rituals, ERNO LASZLO SKINCARE has kept this face baby soft for nearly 10 years. While it's more pricey than your average bar of soap, its a long lasting bar, an effective skincare system, and the results I see are awesome. As Erno Laszlo once said "If you wanna look 40 when you're 60, you have to start when you're 20!" But as I've always said "It's never too late to start taking care of your skin!"

Celebrity Style Picture Perfect

Starla Fortunato - Celebrity Photographer
Self Portrait

Have you ever heard someone say "I never look good in pictures!"?

Well that's not true according to my friend Starla Fortunato, celebrity photographer and believer in perfect photos. Starla took my press photos not too long ago and the results amazed me.

To capture that perfect picture Starla says:
"Style is the key word for any photo session - or walk on the red carpet."

Her quick tips for a great professional (or personal) photo:
  • Great hair style - cut and color
  • Fresh natural looking make-up
  • An outfit you feel fabulous in
  • Breathe while you're taking your photo - stay present!
So go ahead; strike a pose, smile, or do something off the wall for your next picture. Most of all, have fun!

Healthy Hair Hydration

I've always said healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. As summer approaches remember to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, and eat water-rich foods. For long days in the sun and dehydrated hair, keep a conditioning mist with you.

To do: Simply buy a spray bottle, fill it with water, and mix in a tablespoon of your favorite conditioner. Shake well, mist, and keep hair hydrated especially on those long days out in the sun.

Dry Flaky Scalp - Shea Butter Benefits

If you suffer from dry or flaky scalp, the benefits of shea butter might be worth researching.

Per wikipedia: "Shea butter is slightly yellowish or ivory colored natural fat extracted from the seed of the African shea tree by crushing and boiling. It is widely used in cosmetics as a moisturizer and salve. " says "Raw shea butter is known to maintain moisture and skin softness; and it is effective on dry, flaky skin as it tends to moisturize and hydrate."

My hair care tips:

1. Exfoliate the scalp. Give a rigorous shampoo (no fingernails) for 1 minute focusing on the scalp area. Just a nice gentle cleanse and massage. Rinse well.

2. Mix a small amount of shea butter into your conditioner and massage into scalp area. Wrap hair in a warm wet towel and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse well, or choose to leave on scalp overnight as a deep moisture masque.

Hair Pro Advice - Hair Cut, Hair Styles, Hair Color

For hot hair tips and advice from Billy Lowe and team, tune in to Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide online each and every week.

Hair Pro Advice

Celebrity Highlights, Celebrity Color, French Balayage


Q: Hi, I currently have all-over light blonde highlights, but my natural color is more of a dark blonde. However, my roots tend to grow in very quickly, and am left having to get my roots touched up more often than I would like.
A: For quick regrowth, I recommend routine color services and working with a seasoned hair stylist.  If you're looking for hair color in beverly hills, we would love to welcome you to our studio location(s).  Many people also love balayage services.   This type of application disguises regrowth and often times the highlights appear more natural, AND you can get closer to the scalp. Be sure you are working with an experienced balayage expert so your highlights look the way you want them to.

  • For more strapping and texture, ask for thicker applications.
  • For softer more natural highlights, ask for fine/thin applications.
To book your appointment with Billy Lowe for hair color in the Beverly Hills or Southern CA area - please visit us online at or call 310-430-4045 today.  

Billy Lowe is a leading Beverly Hills hair stylist and is available for cut & color services by appointment in the Beverly Hills and surrounding Los Angeles areas. 


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2010

Selena Gomez named in the "Best Dressed" category for the 2010 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Best dressed or not Selena, I'm loving the voluminous hair with a simple braid. Fun, playful, classy, and youthful all at the same time.

To get Selena's look, lightly tease hair throughout the crown area and apply hairspray underneath for hold and control. Gather hair to one side and begin braiding. Use a rubber band to gather the end of the braid and voila. A red carpet look in 2 minutes or less.

Yours truly,

Billy Lowe

No more fly-aways


Yes, it's true - a simple fabric sheet can help tame frizz and fly-aways in a snap. Make that 3 snaps in a circle.

To help tame fly aways, stroke hair with a fabric sheet to help control static and frizz. I also like to keep one in my styling caddies. If that still doesn't do the trick, use an anti-static spray on your brushes or combs before brushing or styling hair. This will work wonders.

Static is caused by friction so remember to keep the moisture content of the hair in check with styling creams or gels, and apply as needed to control unruly ends.

What a shocker! Bounce - you've done it again!

Celebrity Make-up Tip with a Q-Tip


When you've thrown away your last eye-shadow brush (or it's simply time to replace one) and you don't want to smudge those fingertips, never fear - Q-Tip brand is here.

For shadow in a snap, simply flatten the head of the Q-Tip and use it as a shadow applicator. Make-up will glide on smoothly, quickly, and what's more you can dispose of the Q-Tip when you're done. Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness.

For these and lots of other hot beauty tips, CLICK HERE for great celebrity beauty tips on how to use Q-Tips for great make-up applications.

Lash Extensions

UPDATE:  As of 2011, Billy Lowe no longer applies eyelash extensions in-salon but occasionally books these out on location.  Xtreme Lashes with Billy Lowe begin at $500. 


Yes it's true, they're here to stay. BUT BEWARE. There are a lot of unskilled and unqualified people applying lash extensions. For your own safety, avoid having your lashes applied in such places as tanning or nail salons. Chances are, these "claimed professionals" trained at home thru an educational DVD which hardly qualifies them to apply your lashes!!! Poorly placed lashes can lead to severe eye irritation and infection.

A lot of skill and care goes into applying these lash extensions as they are placed one by one. However when done well, they can create a beautiful, customized look, and save you a lot of time in the morning not having to perfect mascara.  For more information on eyelash extensions or Xtreme Lashes, Please visit for a lash stylist near you. 

Style your hair!


These brushes have been my pick of the day for years! Say good-bye to boar and nylon bristle brushes and say hello to smooth, silky, shiny locks without all the fraying and pulling.

The heat conductive metal barrel gives smooth polish and shine to hair, and the easy grip handles make professional or at home styling a cinch. These brushes come in 5 different sizes, and have a retractable pick on the ends for easy sectioning.

Just remember practice makes perfect. Enjoy.
Billy Lowe

Saturday, March 27, 2010


MOVE OVER STARBUCKS! THERE'S A NEW KING IN TOWN! Seriously the best treats in Southern California. And it's true, romance isn't the only thing the French are good at. Look out stair-master, I've found a new workout.

As long as I stick to my program, walk a mile there, and walk a mile back, I have no problem indulging in my daily chocolate croissant and sweet crepe full of strawberries, bananas and delicious nutella. But that isn't the only thing on these beautifully appointed servers. From fresh icecream to delicious coffees, you'll never be disappointed by the sweet and savory tastes from my friends at PLAISIR in West Hollywood.

Tell 'em Billy sent ya.

Photo:   Plaisir West Hollywood - Chef Phillip serving up delicious treats.  

Summer Hair Tips - Healthy Hair

Summertime is right around the corner and so are all those trips to the beach. Here's a few hot tips to get you summertime ready.

1. Before you swim or surf, wet hair & apply daily conditioner through to the ends. Do not rinse out. This will help coat the hair & prevent absorption of excess chemicals or salt.

2. NEVER let ocean or pool water dry in your hair. Shampoo immediately after swimming when possible.

3. Remember to use UV defenders when out in the sun (sunflower oil is a common ingredient in many products which helps defend against solar damage).

4. Always wear a wide brim hat when out in the sun for your hair & skin.


Billy Lowe


"I have very thin brown hair that grows very fast, about to the middle of my back. I have a round face, and I also have bangs that are very thick. I want to get it cut in about a month, but I'm not sure what style I should do because I've gotten it cut short before and I wash it the next day and it’s frizzy and bushy. If you have any style ideas let me know. I’m 22. "


"Thanks for reading Sophisticates hairstyle Guide.  First of all, take a look at your styling tools.  When you style your hair, I recommend using round brushes with metal or ceramic barrels and wire bristles (not boar bristles).   Boar and nylon bristles can pull the hair and fray the ends if you're not careful and at-home blow-outs are not always easy to do anyway.  Depending on the length of your hair - remember you can always take more.   Go for a shoulder length cut with soft layers and external movement.  This works well with the "heavy bang" look because you can wear it straight, add a little curl and either way it looks great.  You might also try having the ends a little choppy so they fall softly around the neck and shoulder area.   To control the "frizzy" look, I recommend using thicker styling creams and applying those to your hair when it's wet so you help tame and control the unruly look.  Just remember to have fun.  Let us know how it goes."

Remember to have fun dear readers.    Hair is easy and shouldn't be a chore or a major life-changing decision.  It should be flattering - not distracting.  Now go have fun!

Billy Lowe

Friday, March 12, 2010

What's new? What's next? And who said?

Every year, and with each new season, consumers anxiously await the latest tips, trends and products to come and go. From spring and summer trend to "Back to School" promotions, we sit with baited breath and ask ourselves "What's new - What's next?"

Grail Research, for example, is a global research and decision support firm that provides organizations with accurate and succinct answers to their most important business questions. In today’s rapidly changing environment, many companies look to Grail Research to deliver important information on the marketplace, making sound decisions that will support the growth and expansion of their business. These include topics such as entering new markets, launching and enhancing products, making acquisitions or strategic investments, unseating competitors, and more.

Each year, consumers are becoming more and more savvy with regard to product use and ingredients, at-home remedies, health and nutrition and so much more. With that said, here's what Grail believes will be the top 5 trends to watch in the health and beauty industries. Taken from Grail Research Website.
  1. Catering to “All Women” – Large brands are increasingly addressing the needs of different ethnic groups with single products designed to work well and look natural with all skin tones.
  2. Promoting “Beauty from Within” – A market for nutricosmetics (ingestible products formulated and marketed specifically for beauty purposes) is emerging in the U.S., following after Europe and Japan – where anti-aging is a big concern.
  3. Professional Make-up for Everyday Consumers – Previously only available to celebrities and their make-up artists, pro make-up is reaching the mass market, giving consumers the high-definition looks they desire as well as confidence in the quality of the products they are buying.
  4. Co-Branding with Hollywood – Beauty companies are partnering with popular television and movie production companies to co-brand theme-based products, particularly to appeal to the elusive teen market.
  5. Virtual Experience-based shopping – Rich, Web-based brand experiences – including education; tips and tricks; and virtual makeovers – are strengthening the bond with consumers.

I'd say the heat is on for product manufacturers, as well as press & media to be sure they are delivering great information to their readers and viewers. Let's see what the rest of 2010 has to offer.

Billy Lowe

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Epsom Salt Benefits

Now, more than ever, consumers everywhere are looking for great ways to look and feel their best without breaking the bank. From $100 spa and salon services to $400 face creams, it seems people are spending thousands of dollars every year on beauty related services. But are there more affordable solutions in day-to-day beauty and relaxation services? After doing a little homework of my own and remembering tales from Grandma's house, I think I've found the answer.

Researchers at the Epsom Salt Council note that
"Epsom Salt can help women create their own spa treatments at home, and this naturally-occurring mineral can leave your readers with glowing skin and smooth feet. Best of all, you can get Epsom salt for just a few bucks at your local pharmacy or supermarket and give yourself a Red Carpet look." If that's the case, I give it two thumbs up. But what is it exactly that makes this miracle ingredient so miraculous? Here's the skinny (taken from Epsom Salt Council Website).

"Magnesium - the key component of Epsom Salt -- performs more functions in more systems of the human body than virtually any other mineral, including regulating the activity of more than 325 enzymes.

Studies show that magnesium is:

  • An electrolyte, helping to ensure proper muscle, nerve and enzyme function.
  • Critical to the proper use of calcium in cells.
  • An aid in helping to prevent heart disease and strokes by lowering blood pressure, protecting the elasticity of arteries, preventing blood clots and reducing the risk of sudden heart attack deaths.

Medical research also indicates that magnesium may:

  • Increase the effectiveness of insulin, helping to lower the risk or severity of diabetes.
  • Reduce inflammation and relieves pain, making it a beneficial in the treatment of sore muscles, bronchial asthma, migraine headaches and fibromyalgia.

Although magnesium can be absorbed through the digestive tract, many foods, drugs and medical conditions can interfere with the effectiveness of this deliver method. Therefore, soaking in an Epsom Salt bath is one of the most effective means of making the magnesium your body needs readily available.

Epsom Salt also delivers sulfates, which medical research indicates are needed for the formation of brain tissue, joint proteins and the mucin proteins that line the walls of the digestive tract. Studies show that sulfates also stimulate the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes and help to detoxify the body's residue of medicines and environmental contaminants. Studies indicate that sulfates are difficult to absorb from food, but are readily absorbed through the skin."

Well if Grandma got it right, and professionals have it right, who else is using this much talked about beauty secret?

"Uma Thurman, for instance, told In Style that Epsom salt is one of her beauty must haves." Resounds the Council. "Gwyneth Paltrow recently posted some beauty tips on her Web site including a suggestion to take an Epsom Salt bath “to detox, revive muscles and de-puff skin.” Before that, the Daily Mail (London) reported that supermodel Heidi Klum soaked in Epsom Salt to get rid of bloating. And Jessica Alba told Marie Claire that she takes baths almost daily and, “Because I work out so hard, I usually put in a gallon of Epsom salts."

With all that said, I believe I'll take a trip to my nearest pharmacy and pick up 10 boxes tonight (1 for each movie set). Stay tuned for more great uses for Epsom Salt and more great tips and techniques from yours truly. In beauty, Billy Lowe.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Personal Development Magazine

Every day, millions of television viewers are hit with messages from reality make-over shows encouraging them to look thinner, be more beautiful, compete to win or swap spouses. Contestants on these shows are put through grueling wellness programs, extreme face lifts, and placed in situations that would seem almost impossible for the viewing audience to imagine. In fact, there's often a disconnect between the couch and the television leaving the viewer to think the end results are nearly impossible to him or her.

But is it really about looking younger? Is it really about being thinner? Is it really about putting your body through extremes just to come out ahead? Having worked on a number of reality shows myself, I've come to believe a couple of things. 1) We all love a happy ending and we want to see people better themselves in whatever form and 2) Some people do need to go through (or witness) extremes so they are sure they never want to go back to "that place" ever again. Too often we get comfortable where we are and we forget to strive for more.
While I don't believe it's necessarily about looking "10 years younger," and I don't believe "extreme makeovers" are always the way to go, I do believe that daily acceptance of ourselves for who we are is very important and is a great place to start. I also believe we should strive to be better each and every day than we were the day before whether that's looks, time management, physical or mental wellness, etc.

Look for my article written for Personal Development Magazine on stands this summer and remember - there's a perfect 10 in each of us - just as we are.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Hair Pro Advice

Every day millions of people wake up to face another day, only to become more and more frustrated by time and efforts to get ready in the mornings. "Should I even bother?" We ask ourselves. "Is it even worth it? I'll just throw on a ball cap and be done with it."

In 2009 I was honored to be asked to answer many Q&A's for my friends at Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide - the #1 hair magazine worldwide answering all the latest beauty how to's, and even showing step by step tips on how to get the latest looks. Whether you're looking for a hot new cut or color, or inspiration photos from salons around the world, Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide is truly THE source for beauty news. This magazine is carried in most grocery store shelves and has the largest readership of any other hairstyle magazine.

Every day, questions pour in from readers all over the world on how they should style their hair, which color would be best suited for them, whether or not bangs would look good on them. Take a look at our fabulous QUESTION AND ANSWER PAGE and we'll be sure to bring you all the greatest news and reviews. And remember, you're worth that extra 5-10 minutes a day to look and feel your best. So put your glam on people. Between you and the person in the mirror, I'm sure there's nothing the two of you can't accomplish.

In beauty,

Billy Lowe

How Not to Get Scammed by Con Artists Posing as Trade Show Operatives - AOL Small Business

Billy Lowe quoted on AOL Small Business News discussing trade show operatives.

How Not to Get Scammed by Con Artists Posing as Trade Show Operatives - AOL Small Business

The Oscars

Every year thousands upon thousands of people flock to Los Angeles during awards season - especially for the Oscars to get a glimpse of their favorite celeb(s) as they walk the red carpet in hopes of their very own space-aged looking statue. Can we say C3PO?

3 nights ago I attended the premiere of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (3D I might add) and streets were already blocked off, police force in full swing directing traffic, helicopters overhead with lights on nearly every corner and clients running late for hair and make-up like you wouldn't believe. And yes, the crappy gift shops are stocked up on every Oscar statue imaginable including "Best Mom Oscar", "Best Dad Oscar", and probably "Best Dog Oscar". Wouldn't surprise me.

As I prepare my own kits and cases in preparation for the weekend, I can't help but wonder who will wear what - and what will wear whom. With bottles of champagne at every table and stumbling recipients with 5 year old rehearsed speeches - time will tell but I'm sure we'll find it all here with TV Guide's annual program.

Me, I'll be hanging at the 4 Seasons Beverly Hills all weekend fussing over hair & make-up for the day's bookings. Stay tuned - I'm sure there will be tons of gossip, photos and news to update you with.

Billy Lowe


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tools Tools Tools!

Each and every year I have the opportunity to attend, speak, or make a special presentation at a trade show or beauty event. Thousands upon thousands of industry professionals show up to see the latest and the greatest styling tools, products and accessories to improve their skill and drive new business. From round brushes to hair dryers, chemical services to styling serums, beauty professionals swarm the booths to see what's in, what's new, and what's next.

This year I've had the opportunity to hold, sample and test a couple of new products that weren't exactly my favorite. A few years ago, the IN STYLER was launched which is the cross between a rotating curling iron and a paddle brush that will straighten, curl, or smooth hair with ease. This year, PARIS HILTON's name has appeared on a new product called CELEBRITY STYLER which is similar to the IN STYLER.

Every product that is launched has a niche, a specific "can do" that supposedly no other product can accomplish. Whether it's paraben-free, sulfate free, or a nano whatchamacallit, a hook, line and sinker will get you every time.

I had the opportunity to try out both of these products and feel they were just "ok" in my book. The idea is that they can save you a step or 2 in the styling process, but I found that hair pulled, tugged, and the nylon bristles created more fraying and pull to the hair than what I'm used to in the studio.

Pros: These products work ok on dry hair and take a lot of getting used to. I certainly don't recommend using these on wet hair. There are adjustable heat settings which is always a plus, and you can turn the rotating iron action on or off. These products are not over priced and can fit into almost any budget. I like the brush portion of the Celeb Styler more than the In Styler becaue they are vented bristles and don't fray the hair as much.

Cons: If you are a new-comer to the world of beauty or styling your own hair, moving parts on any styling device, and too many settings can confuse even the most experienced beauty maven. There is a slight bend to the brush so that it wraps around the rotating iron - which makes pulling straight down a little challenging because you're always left with a slight bend to the hair. Secondly, many people get confused and concerned by the rotating iron because they feel their hair will get wrapped up in it and become tangled. I personally don't like the bristles and feel they aren't as smooth in action as they could be.

My suggestion - KEEP IT SIMPLE. Shampoo and towel dry, apply your styling products or serums, and finger dry as desired. A simple flat-iron with ceramic plates will to the trick every time - and if you DO need a little bend or flair - just give your flat iron a flick toward the ends (in or out) and voila. You're on your way. No noice, no fuss, no pulling or tugging.


Billy Lowe

Welcome to with Hollywood Hair Stylist Billy Lowe

Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe is a Los Anglees based hair stylist and the founder of Gloss & Toss hair products delivering the bes...