In a recent letter from a client, Carla says:

Hello, I have mid-back length hair that is thick. Every time I curl my hair (usually with rollers since a iron doesn’t work well with my hair), the curls look good but sadly only last less than half a day. They sorta stretch themselves out and unwind. Is there any solution for this and for hard-to-style hair?

My response:
Dear Carla. It's true, longer hair types may not hold the curl as long. Are you using professional products (tools and styling products?) recommended by your salon professional?

I would recommend setting up a styling session with your hairstylist to have them walk you through some of these tips. I recommend curling the hair with your curling iron as you do (be sure to protect hair w/ a thermal styling spray), and when the hair is warm from the curling iron, wrap it around your fingers to create a barrel curl and clip the barrel curl to the scalp area. Do this for the entire head and allow curls to cool for 15-20 minutes. This helps them keep their shape longer. Sort of like pouring candle wax. When it's hot, you pour the wax into the mold and it cools down and holds its shape.

Once you remove the barrel curls after they have cooled, turn head upside down and spray from underneath while scrunching hairspray through the ends. This helps give support from underneath which is often where curl starts falling out first. Support the curl from underneath first and let us know how you do. You can also try lightly teasing hair from underneath which will help support the curl patterns on top.

Billy Lowe


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