New Year, New You, New Hair & Beauty for 2010

Each new year brings new hope and new excitement of things to come, things hoped for, and things imagined. Whether it's career, family, health or even beauty, new year's resolutions spark an energy in most of us that can be quite contagious. This year, as we continue to focus on "change" I'd like to suggest we take a look at lightening up, tossing aside, and allowing our beauty (inside and out) to be more fun and carefree. I've never really been one to follow the rules in the world of beauty, because each of us is unique, special, and different. I never understood how 6 to 8 basic face shapes can be applied to millions and millions of people as individual as we are. I'd like to encourage each of us to celebrate our own beauty and individuality with these simple tips for the coming year.

How many times have we heard "I'm trying to let my hair grow out" or "I want my hair long"? While growing hair out can be a lot of fun (and challenging), how long is too long? Longer hair styles require more maintenance, time, and devotion and many of us simply don't have that much time in a day for a 1-hour blow-out every morning on our hair. We see magazines displaying long gorgeous manes and think "Yes! That's it! That's the hair I want!" But what we don't see is all the work that goes into making that hair picture perfect, and the hundreds of shots it took to capture that one perfect photo. Models have to be on set at 3, 4 and 5 in the morning to begin hair & make-up before even arriving on set. Once on set, hair & make-up are constantly called in for touch-ups and quick fixes to capture that perfect moment.

My suggestion:
It's fine to grow your hair out, but be realistic. The longer the hair, the more maintenance you'll need to give to keep hair looking smooth, soft and shiny from scalp to ends. With this new year, I say cut an inch or two. Even shoulder length hair is soft, feminine, and still very versatile. Ask for soft layering around the perimeter to give hair movement and texture. Side swept bangs are very flattering for most face types and give movement and play.

New year color can be bold, daring and adventuresome. Now is the time to experiment and play. If you are having highlights applied, avoid the thick chunky look which can appear sloppy and haphazardly placed. Highlights should be soft, delicate and even throughout. Striking chocolates kissed with a little warmth are wonderful color tones for this season if you are looking for single process color. Have fun but remember - color is not magic. It takes work, time and thought. IF you are making dramatic changes in your color, look 6-8 months into the future and ask yourself "Am I willing to stick with this for a while, and for the health of my hair." If not - ease up just a little in your color choices.

Most of all - have fun this year. Recognize your own beauty, and give yourself that extra 5-10 minutes each and every morning to look and feel your best. New Year's doesn't just have to happen on January 1st. It can happen each and every day with the idea that today is a brand new day. Enjoy.

In beauty,

Billy Lowe


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