Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hair and Beauty Salon Questions and Styling Techniques

Occasionally I receive client Q and A's which I always love to read and respond to. Many clients have questions about their hair color, hair cut, or highlights, and I find that giving good feedback and tips is always helpful to readers. I've never really been one to "follow the rules" when it comes to face shape guideline because I believe we are all uniquely different and it's hard to sum up individual tastes with 6 or 7 different "rules." Let’s take a look at Mandy’s question.

Mandy says:
This is for my mom. She has naturally curly hair, I mean really naturally curly hair. It’s usually frizzy. Every time she goes to the salon she has a hard time getting a good haircut. She wants one to love her curls but also one that can be straight. She has had one style that she liked Faith Hill had it but has never been able to get again. Plus tips on how to get her hair straight and the curls do something like Taylor Swift’s hair does. She loves her hair.

My response: Dear Mandy, Thank you for writing in with your question. It sounds like your mom has amazing hair to work with and that it's versatile in nature. With that said - it depends on the texture of her hair, and how much time she is willing to spend. If she has naturally curly hair, I say "roll with it baby" and learn some fabulous "wash and wear" techniques. One of my favorites for curly hair is to use style creams (not gels) and scrunch through the hair for a natural and soft look and feel. Styling creams help smooth out the cuticle layer - giving more shine, shape and control, and also help eliminate frizz and unruly looks. It's very important, however, that your mom finds a hair stylist that knows curly hair - and knows how to cut, color & style this hair type in a variety of ways. Blunt cuts on straight hair, and blunt cuts on curly hair can give you two completely different results. Also, be sure she avoids razor cutting if she has a fine/curly hair type. Razor cutting is a delicate skill but one should really be careful with this cutting technique or hair can look frayed and damaged. Remember too, length creates weight, and if she wants that occasional straight look - a little weight will help with this. I hope these few thoughts help.

Billy Lowe