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Conceal, Conceal, Conceal

One of the greatest questions and concerns people mention is the eye area and how to best conceal. Signs of aging show up in the eyes, neck, and hands the most. Skin is fine, thin, and there's not as much circulation so sallow looking skin can show up as well.

My biggest tip for concealing is this:

Apply a light eye-gel to your concealing cream for smooth glide and application and to prevent creasing and caking. You can also add a touch of yellow food color to your eye-cream (Notice I said a touch) to neutralize dark circles & puffiness.

My favorite eye creams & concealers can be found at:

1. Erno Laszlo

2. Clinique

3. Shiseido


Billy Lowe

Winter Skin

As seen on - written by Billy Lowe - Sunday Oct 25, 2009.

Through the years, and on all the reality shows I have been on, and the thousands of women I've worked with or spoken to, I have discovered some key elements that work consistently each and every time for basic and seasonal skincare needs.

Just as seasons change each and every year, and we dress accordingly, our hair, skin and basic beauty needs also change season to season. Our skincare needs in the summer are not the same as those in the winter. Also, our needs may vary location to location (i.e. skincare needs in Palm Springs-dry heat - vs skincare needs in Portland - wet and rainy) .

So, here are your basics:

1. Cleanse
2. Exfoliate
3. Treat
4. Moisturize

1. Begin cleansing the skin - either manually or with a cleaning device. My personal favorite is to do a manual cleanse first to remove congestion sitting ON the skin, then follow up with Clarisonic's facial cleansing device (see clarisonic.…