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Hollywood goes to.............

I've been asked to speak at Macomb Community College in Warren, MI for an evening called LIGHTS, CAMERA ACTION - HOLLYWOOD COMES TO MICHIGAN. While Hollywood still proudly boasts its "White Arches" atop the Hollywood hills as a symbol of its history, much of our fair city is moving away in terms of work, and work availability here.

In a recent report on, we find that many neighboring counties and other states are offering incredible incentives for production companies to live/work/play (as the saying goes). Time, costs and signatures required to shoot in Hollywood are becoming more and more demanding. Nonetheless, I'm very excited about the opportunity to share all that I have learned and experienced in my 11 years here - and how others elsewhere may enjoy the rewards I have come to enjoy.

This video is just a little tribute to the people, places, and events I have experienced in my time here, and to hope for good, better, and more of these oppo…

Billy Lowe Haircare

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Available online, at the Billy Lowe hair studio and in fine hotels nationwide. We are proud to announce the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Strip now proudly carries the Billy Lowe product line.

A haircare workout

Many times clients ask me questions in the salon like:
My hair seems fragile what should I do?My scalp has been a little dry lately - do you have recommendations?My ends look a little damaged. Can we do a deep conditioning treatment?
To that my initial question is to ask what beauty products and tools they are using at home. Having been in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years, I know that the healthiest hair and the happiest clients are ones that follow the strict guidance and product recommendations of their stylist(s). These people know and value their beauty professional's opinion and ultimately have the best results with shine, shape, health and manageability. Where people get off track is self or over prescribing - thinking if a few products are good - more must be better. Not always.

Using too many (or the wrong) products can leave the hair weighted down, over-saturated, and dull looking. You'll get the very best results modeling the techniques of your stylist eac…

Organic Organic Organic

One of the greatest topics right now in the beauty industry is how "organic" or "natural" products and ingredients are, and whether or not it makes a difference. While I think it's important to understand that "natural ingredients" are wonderful, there's a much deeper understanding that needs to take place. I've spent many years in the beauty industry in many different scopes, having worn many different hats, and can almost bet that the people writing about (or concerned about) all natural ingredients have never walked a chemical plant, nor could they tell you what fumed silica is. Many people ask "Does it have alcohol?" thinking rubbing alcohol is in the product and therefore it's a bad thing.

For a product to be 100% natural (no preservatives or stabilizers) it would probably have the shelf life of a tomato. Most beauty products are formulated to have a 1 to 2 year shelf life before they become unstable, or the ingredi…