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Beauty and the beast!

No, I'm not talking about our favorite Disney fairy tale - I'm talking about the economy. While 2009 has had a few ups and downs, editors and writers from many major magazines have asked me about how the economy is affecting the beauty industry, and what we (beauty professionals) might be noticing as a result.

One immediate thought I have is that while $200 weekend dinners may not be high on our priority list right now, $20, $30, $40 or even $50 beauty products and services still fit fairly comfortable in most budgets whether it's a weekly manicure, an eye serum, or a weekly shampoo & style. In fact, I have clients who have increased their salon visits because they want to look and feel their best in spite of the economy, and find it very important to stay in a positive mindset.

I've always said "If you look great - you feel great" and this is a major part of the beauty seminars and workshops that I conduct. People everywhere want to look and feel the…

Haircare, skincare, and Hollywood glamour in Austin

I just returned from Austin, TX, speaking to a group of people in partnership w/ my friends at Clarisonic. They have just launched a fabulous new product called OPAL which made its debut in Austin at the International Spa Expo (I-Spa). For nearly 2 years I have been a fan of the Clarisonic device, and I was proud to be there with them, hosting the beauty lounge. My hair and make-up team provided quick touch-up services after people received their Opal treatment, and our guests left feeling like they were ready to walk the red carpet.

While professional previews of this product are only available for now, this is truly one exciting little device that you won't want to miss out on. If you think patting your eye serum into the skin feels good - wait til you get your hands on this. With 125 sonic movements per second, the applicator works effortlessly to smooth away fine lines & wrinkles as it works eye serum into the eye area, and results only get better with time.

While the…