A haircare workout

Many times clients ask me questions in the salon like:
  • My hair seems fragile what should I do?
  • My scalp has been a little dry lately - do you have recommendations?
  • My ends look a little damaged. Can we do a deep conditioning treatment?
To that my initial question is to ask what beauty products and tools they are using at home. Having been in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years, I know that the healthiest hair and the happiest clients are ones that follow the strict guidance and product recommendations of their stylist(s). These people know and value their beauty professional's opinion and ultimately have the best results with shine, shape, health and manageability. Where people get off track is self or over prescribing - thinking if a few products are good - more must be better. Not always.

Using too many (or the wrong) products can leave the hair weighted down, over-saturated, and dull looking. You'll get the very best results modeling the techniques of your stylist each and every day, and by using the same products and styling tools at home that they do in the salon. Always follow the basics:

  1. Cleanse based on your hair type
  2. Condition as above. Deep condition as prescribed by your salon professional
  3. Use a mild detangler to brush hair after cleaning (do not use boar-bristle brushes to detangle)
  4. Use styling products as needed and based on the styling techniques you are using
  5. Finish with a light or firm hold spray based on desired results
This is the quick and easy of what and how. Your salon professional will better guide you in exactly which products to use and how much. Websites like beautynewsLA, beautynewsNYC, and even PrettyCity all have great tips and techniques for products, salon tips, etc.

As always, Billy Lowe luxury hair care products are available online and personal consultations are available by request.


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