Saturday, October 31, 2009

Conceal, Conceal, Conceal

One of the greatest questions and concerns people mention is the eye area and how to best conceal. Signs of aging show up in the eyes, neck, and hands the most. Skin is fine, thin, and there's not as much circulation so sallow looking skin can show up as well.

My biggest tip for concealing is this:

Apply a light eye-gel to your concealing cream for smooth glide and application and to prevent creasing and caking. You can also add a touch of yellow food color to your eye-cream (Notice I said a touch) to neutralize dark circles & puffiness.

My favorite eye creams & concealers can be found at:

1. Erno Laszlo

2. Clinique

3. Shiseido


Billy Lowe

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Winter Skin

As seen on - written by Billy Lowe - Sunday Oct 25, 2009.

Through the years, and on all the reality shows I have been on, and the thousands of women I've worked with or spoken to, I have discovered some key elements that work consistently each and every time for basic and seasonal skincare needs.

Just as seasons change each and every year, and we dress accordingly, our hair, skin and basic beauty needs also change season to season. Our skincare needs in the summer are not the same as those in the winter. Also, our needs may vary location to location (i.e. skincare needs in Palm Springs-dry heat - vs skincare needs in Portland - wet and rainy) .

So, here are your basics:

1. Cleanse
2. Exfoliate
3. Treat
4. Moisturize

1. Begin cleansing the skin - either manually or with a cleaning device. My personal favorite is to do a manual cleanse first to remove congestion sitting ON the skin, then follow up with Clarisonic's facial cleansing device (see Use comfortably hot water when rinsing, and be sure to rinse and splash well. This brings circulation to the skin, increases oxygen to the skin for brighter results, and you're really taking off the day by rinsing and splashing your skin.

2. Exfoliate - Either chemically or physically. I use a mild facial scrub each and every day and that has been my biggest weapon for nearly 20 years in my own skincare. Dead skin cells build up over time and unless we remove them to speed up that cellular turnover, our skin looks dull and lifeless, and moisturizer doesn't penetrate. Ask your skincare prrofessional about this delicate process and don't over-do it.

3. Treat - On shower fresh & slightly damp skin, treat your skin w/ your anti-oxidants, serums, eye creams etc. These products are usually the most "active" and need to go to work first.

4. Moisturize - Right away. Don't let your skin dry out before applying moisture. Applying moisturizer to slightly damp skin evens out the porosity (increasing even absorption) and gives a smooth and comfortable glow to the skin.

A few of my personal favorites:

1. Clarisonic facial brush
2. L'Occitane body cream for all over body
3. Erno Laszlo sea mud soap and active Phelityl oil, and REM night cream

I hope you find this information helpful.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hollywood goes to.............

I've been asked to speak at Macomb Community College in Warren, MI for an evening called LIGHTS, CAMERA ACTION - HOLLYWOOD COMES TO MICHIGAN. While Hollywood still proudly boasts its "White Arches" atop the Hollywood hills as a symbol of its history, much of our fair city is moving away in terms of work, and work availability here.

In a recent report on, we find that many neighboring counties and other states are offering incredible incentives for production companies to live/work/play (as the saying goes). Time, costs and signatures required to shoot in Hollywood are becoming more and more demanding. Nonetheless, I'm very excited about the opportunity to share all that I have learned and experienced in my 11 years here - and how others elsewhere may enjoy the rewards I have come to enjoy.

This video is just a little tribute to the people, places, and events I have experienced in my time here, and to hope for good, better, and more of these opportunities. Hope you enjoy.

Billy Lowe

Los Angeles Hair stylist, make-over expert

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Billy Lowe Haircare

For more information on Billy Lowe luxury hair care products, please visit

Available online, at the Billy Lowe hair studio and in fine hotels nationwide. We are proud to announce the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Strip now proudly carries the Billy Lowe product line.

A haircare workout

Many times clients ask me questions in the salon like:
  • My hair seems fragile what should I do?
  • My scalp has been a little dry lately - do you have recommendations?
  • My ends look a little damaged. Can we do a deep conditioning treatment?
To that my initial question is to ask what beauty products and tools they are using at home. Having been in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years, I know that the healthiest hair and the happiest clients are ones that follow the strict guidance and product recommendations of their stylist(s). These people know and value their beauty professional's opinion and ultimately have the best results with shine, shape, health and manageability. Where people get off track is self or over prescribing - thinking if a few products are good - more must be better. Not always.

Using too many (or the wrong) products can leave the hair weighted down, over-saturated, and dull looking. You'll get the very best results modeling the techniques of your stylist each and every day, and by using the same products and styling tools at home that they do in the salon. Always follow the basics:

  1. Cleanse based on your hair type
  2. Condition as above. Deep condition as prescribed by your salon professional
  3. Use a mild detangler to brush hair after cleaning (do not use boar-bristle brushes to detangle)
  4. Use styling products as needed and based on the styling techniques you are using
  5. Finish with a light or firm hold spray based on desired results
This is the quick and easy of what and how. Your salon professional will better guide you in exactly which products to use and how much. Websites like beautynewsLA, beautynewsNYC, and even PrettyCity all have great tips and techniques for products, salon tips, etc.

As always, Billy Lowe luxury hair care products are available online and personal consultations are available by request.


Billy Lowe

Monday, October 19, 2009

Organic Organic Organic

One of the greatest topics right now in the beauty industry is how "organic" or "natural" products and ingredients are, and whether or not it makes a difference. While I think it's important to understand that "natural ingredients" are wonderful, there's a much deeper understanding that needs to take place. I've spent many years in the beauty industry in many different scopes, having worn many different hats, and can almost bet that the people writing about (or concerned about) all natural ingredients have never walked a chemical plant, nor could they tell you what fumed silica is. Many people ask "Does it have alcohol?" thinking rubbing alcohol is in the product and therefore it's a bad thing.

For a product to be 100% natural (no preservatives or stabilizers) it would probably have the shelf life of a tomato. Most beauty products are formulated to have a 1 to 2 year shelf life before they become unstable, or the ingredients age. Therefore the use of preservatives is important. Also, scientists and chemists test ingredients, pH balances, and strength of products on human test panels for safety and efficacy. To simply slice a tomato and put it on your face for an acid treatment may not be the safest route to take. Products are formulated for certain results. It's why Clinique and many differrent skincare brands have several different toners because they recognize there are many different skin types.

My biggest tip is to know your body, and to know if there are any specific or active ingredients that you may be allergic to. There are also great resources such as which answers many questions about why, how, or how much. WebMD also answers great questions in why natural products are not always the best. So do your research, ask professionals - not hear-sayers, and enjoy your road to beauty and wellness.


Billy Lowe

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beauty and the beast!

No, I'm not talking about our favorite Disney fairy tale - I'm talking about the economy. While 2009 has had a few ups and downs, editors and writers from many major magazines have asked me about how the economy is affecting the beauty industry, and what we (beauty professionals) might be noticing as a result.

One immediate thought I have is that while $200 weekend dinners may not be high on our priority list right now, $20, $30, $40 or even $50 beauty products and services still fit fairly comfortable in most budgets whether it's a weekly manicure, an eye serum, or a weekly shampoo & style. In fact, I have clients who have increased their salon visits because they want to look and feel their best in spite of the economy, and find it very important to stay in a positive mindset.

I've always said "If you look great - you feel great" and this is a major part of the beauty seminars and workshops that I conduct. People everywhere want to look and feel their best no matter what the economy holds. If you are looking to continue salon services and would like promotional offers, ask your salon professional about referral points, bring a friend discounts, etc. There are lots of exciting ways to continue your salon services without selling the farm.

Enjoy, and stay beautiful. You deserve it.

Billy Lowe

Haircare, skincare, and Hollywood glamour in Austin

I just returned from Austin, TX, speaking to a group of people in partnership w/ my friends at Clarisonic. They have just launched a fabulous new product called OPAL which made its debut in Austin at the International Spa Expo (I-Spa). For nearly 2 years I have been a fan of the Clarisonic device, and I was proud to be there with them, hosting the beauty lounge. My hair and make-up team provided quick touch-up services after people received their Opal treatment, and our guests left feeling like they were ready to walk the red carpet.

While professional previews of this product are only available for now, this is truly one exciting little device that you won't want to miss out on. If you think patting your eye serum into the skin feels good - wait til you get your hands on this. With 125 sonic movements per second, the applicator works effortlessly to smooth away fine lines & wrinkles as it works eye serum into the eye area, and results only get better with time.

While the days were long and full of meeting and sharing information, evenings on the town were spectacular. Austin is truly a wonderful little city, great food, fun people, and a nightlife that any smaller city should be proud of. After our trade show I walked along Congress Ave, up to the capitol building, enjoyed a nice nap in the park, and continued some shopping on my own.

I returned home to Los Angeles only to be greeted by boxes and boxes of Billy Lowe hair care products that had come through, and now all is put away. Yes. Life of a celebrity hairstylist and traveling beauty expert.

More soon.

Billy Lowe

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