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Conceal that Regrowth!!!

Hide that re-growth!

Don’t panic when your re-growth starts to show. Celebrity hairstylist Billy Lowe shares his greatest tips for concealing re-growth and getting just a little more wear and tear out of your color before your next hair appointment.

“No matter how hard you try, it seems that 4 or 6 week hair color appointment just doesn’t come around quickly enough.” States Lowe. “Most of my clients book their appointments a year in advance – especially my color clients because they know their schedules, they know their color timing, and they don’t want to miss any or get off track with their color. So every November and December, I open my next year’s books so clients can pre-book their appointments for the entire year.”

Lowe’s pre-booking technique keeps clients on time with their color which he feels is the most important element of being a color client. But in those summer months when hair does grow quicker, here are his hot tips for dealing with that pesky re-growth.

1 – Part your ha…