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Beauty in the workplace

DOES IT REALLY MATTER HOW I LOOK AT WORK???I'M JUST HERE TO DO A JOB. I WORK ON THE PHONES, PEOPLE CAN'T SEE ME. All very good points. However, you see you, and your teammates see you, and have to interact with you. Over the years, having spoken to thousands of people at trade shows, special events, appearing on television shows, and simply just working with my own private clientele, I've come to realize and value the importance of looking my best in order to feel my best. That's why I developed BEAUTY IN THE WORKPLACE seminars for corporations across the country who want to give their team a little pep. I believe looking your best leads to the following results. If you look great you feel greatWhen you feel great, you have a higher sense of self confidenceWhen your confidence is up, you boost team moraleWhen team morale is up - everyone wins. I developed this 2 hour seminar to bring to companies and organizations that want to focus on building team spirit, boosting…


Does my hair look healthy?Won't that damage my hair?Are my ends dead?
I always chuckle to myself when I hear these questions. I usually answer them pretty bluntly, and directly. Let's get to it.

Your hair is dead. Of course it's not healthy. It can have the appearance of "health" and vitality, but basically your hair is dead. It has no feelings, it doesn't really serve a purpose other than to protect our scalp, eyes, body from foreign objects invading it including protecting us from the sun or other environmental elements. Over the years, we have used and created an accessory out of hair by styling, coloring and creating looks that have become acceptable as fashion or art adorning our bodies.

With regard to damaging your hair. EVERYTHING we do "damages" our hair. When we brush it, towel dry it, blow-dry it, hang our heads out of the car windows, or sleep on it - we are constantly in a state of roughing up the cuticle, fraying the ends, getting it tangl…


Yes, it's a big question. What can we do to protect the hair from the damaging effects of the sun? Why don't manufacturers put sunscreens in shampoos and conditioners? What about styling products? Let me answer those with some "it just makes sense" thoughts. 1 - Why put sunscreen in your shampoo & conditioner? All you do is wash them down the drain. 2 - Sunscreen in your products? Even with skincare that contains sunscreen, the instructions usually recommend to reapply every 2-4 hours. Do you want to stop what you're doing and re-apply sunblock to your hair every 2-4 hours and have to deal with styling again? While there's not really a "sunscreen" for the hair, there are countless products and serums that have "sun protecting" or "UV protecting" agents in them. Sunscreens and Sunblocks are regulated by the FDA. They are formulated and approved to protect the skin, which is a living organ. Your hair is not alive. It is …