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I'm often asked by the male clientele to share grooming tips and techniques for a more clean & polished look.

Over time, hair can grow in interesting places. In a world so focused on beauty, grooming, wellness, and taking care of ourselves, hair can be extremely distracting.

Here are a few quick tips for the men:
THE UNIBROW. For a quick clean up, a thumb's width between the 2 brows is about the right amount of hair to remove for a clean/crisp/well groomed look. THE EARS. Have your hairstylist clean up around the ear area during your hair appointment. NECK HAIR. Having your neckline waxed during your hair appointment will look cleaner, last longer, and you'll feel much better about your appearance with a well groomed neckline. NOSE HAIR: There are many great gadgets out there for male-grooming, and trimming hair in all the impossible places. These are easy to use, many are rechargeable, and have many options that fit into any budget. All in all, make your best statem…


It's excruciating, it's painful, it leaves your skin red, and your jaws sore from clenching. Yes, we're talking about WAXING.

From magazines to runway, we're seeing soft, silky, smoothe skin everywhere. Tight toned bodies flaunt flawlessly smoothe skin that seems so effortless to maintain. But what really goes into that perfectly beautiful complexion?

If you're a regular waxing client, you understand the time and pain of sitting through rip after rip, as your technician peels away what seems like everything from your body. You shiver because your body temperature needs to stay cool (otherwise the wax just gets stringy), and you grit your teeth as section after section, hairs are removed from arms, legs, underarms, and other unspeakable places. So why is waxing so painful?

The answer lies in the fact that it is really most painful the first time. The first time you are ever waxed, hair is dense, full, and thickest in its growth cycle. Bottom line - it's all ther…

Face Shapes, Etc

We absolutely LOVE this sweetheart. Ladies and gentlemen - Ms. LeAnn Rimes.
For years we've listened to that amazing voice and held on to our seats as she took to the stage like it was hers for the taking. She's young, she's talented, and she's really put out some great material. Over the years we've seen LeAnn move from soft careless styles in her earlier years to crimped fashions and now into long flowing locks. The current trend in hair fashion right now is indeed a center part (again we are seeing many reflections of the 80's), and she's not the only person flaunting that look. Madonna, J-Lo, you name it - they're all wearing a center part. But is this look for everyone? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!While LeAnn can't go wrong in just about anything, I much prefer her softer shapes that distract the eye rather than drawing attention to prominent features. Her eye shape is very flat across the bottom, so a center part looks like the top of a triangle, with …