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Yes, it's true. I'm writing a book. To those of you that are eager to have one and have encouraged me to put this funny content of mine on paper, I am very excited to announce I am writing TWO books. How's that?

Over the years I have listened and been witness to some of the funniest stories and experiences I have just about ever imagined. These stories and tales come from clients, friends, passers-by, and even a few of my colleagues at work dealing with hair experiences through the years. Between recent beauty seminars, speaking engagements at beauty trade shows, and writing beauty tips and ideas for hundreds of magazines around the world, I have come to enjoy exploring this world of communication. So, I decided to start putting my stories and experiences on paper. You'll read about everything from the most scandalous stories, to the most hysterical stories, and even a few quick and easy hair tips here and there from yours truly. Yes, it's a book of tips, technique…

Citysearch Haute Haircut Nominee

NICE! A few weeks ago I received notification from that I was an editorial pick for HAUTE HAIRCUT in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills areas. This is the 2nd year in a row that Citysearch has nominated me, my work, and my hair studio as their "Best Of" categories. The polls close on May 29th, so we'll see what happens between now and then. I'll for sure keep you posted. Each year, sets the standard as a trusted source for client reviews, testimonials, introducing products and services to the public, and namely answering the "where do I go" questions for new-comers to the city. I recently had a speaking engagement in New York and stayed near the Empire State Building. It was a great area, plenty to see and do while I was there for 5 days, but I had no idea where to eat in the evenings as I simply don't know the city that well. So, knowing how has brought so many wonderful people my way, I decided to turn to them in a …