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"But I can't fix my hair like you do!!!!!"

How many times have you said that famous line to your hairstylist? The cut or color are complete, and you sit in the chair underneath the 75 pound cape of truth and watch carefully as your hairstylist selects product by product, to prep your hair for styling. Each section is carefully combed through, separated, and the hair looks like beautiful pieces of clay being molded in the potter's hand.

There are indeed a few differences in your doing it, and the stylist doing it. The biggest difference is body mechanics. Your hairstylist is able to move your head, swivel the chair, and can reach as close or as far as he/she needs to to get the perfect bend on your hair. So here's a couple of quick tips.
1 - Hair doesn't begin taking shape until it reaches 70-80-90% being dry. Don't even use a brush until the majority of the moisture is removed.
2 - The main point of focus of your hair is the face framing area. Spend most o…

Hollywood Events

Billy Lowe styles hair for LG phone launch party. Billy Lowe shown at LG Press Wall. Yes it’s true; everything you ever heard about people crashing parties in Hollywood is really, really true. One would think that being the entertainment capital of the world that more would actually happen here. But truth be told, there seems to be more social goings on in Savannah, Georgia than there is in Hollywood, California. Trust me, I spent many summers there as a kid as my family owned homes there and we spent countless days going crabbing in the early mornings, and spending the rest of the day in the sun and sand. Nonetheless, Hollywood does have its fair share of nightlife, paparazzi, special events, and so on, just on a different scale.

A dear friend of mine is notorious for showing up at parties with no invitation in hand, no press badge, and no other form of admission that might let him in to the event. He just manages to show up and there he is, mingling and jingling with the best of them…

The Amazing Ms. Catherine Townsend

I received a call from London last week for a client who wanted cut & color in my studio. The soft southern tones came across on my salon's caller ID from an overseas number which caught me a bit by surprise. Being a southerner myself, I couldn't quite place if it was a deep European accent, or truly a southern accent that I was hearing. Nonetheless I took the appointment and carried on with my day.

On the day of her appointment, and after 9 "how do I get there" phone calls, including one from her mother (yes from Georgia) - in walked one of the coolest clients I have just about ever spent time with. I usually begin my appointments listening to client concerns about how they style their hair, color they admire, previous color (or color mishaps) etc before I begin my thoughts. When we made a plan about our appointment together, I whipped up some highlights, prepared the foils, and began coloring away.

"So what do you do in London?" I asked.


Should I tip my hairstylist?

There are several things to consider when it comes to tipping. It seems everywhere we turn there's a tip jar set aside for gratuities.  We tip waiters, we tip hotel staff, we tip the car wash attendees, we tip our pet sitters, and so on. Tipping in the United States has become an expected custom for just about every service out there, other than the bank teller or the Wal-Mart cashier.

In most salons across the country, it's important to remember that your salon professional isn't making 100% of the service fees. They average anywhere from 40-60% of the overall service ticket, and then make a small commission on retail sales. When you consider the amount of time your stylist spends with you (usually an hour or 2) for your services, and that they are only making about 50% on average for those services, tipping is a great way to say THANK YOU for your time, for your service, and for making me look so good. An occasional box of Godiva never hurt anything either.

How …

How big is your 'BUT'?

No I'm not talking about your rear-end. I'm talking about those excuses that you keep telling yourself every day.

But I don't have time!But I have to take care of the kids!But I have to prepare dinner and then do the dishes!
Listen! You know you love it when you walk out of the salon looking and feeling like a million bucks. Why wouldn't you treat yourself to that same experience EVERY DAY? By taking just a few minutes each and every day to look good, and feel good, you'll love and appreciate yourself so much more. Those daily chores you keep telling yourself you "have to do" will actually be a lot more fun because throughout the day as you are doing your grocery shopping, or picking up the kids, or preparing a meal, you'll be getting compliments on how great you look, or how your skin is glowing, or that you have fabulous hair! Who wouldn't want to experience that every day?

At the top of every morning, I suggest giving yourself 10 minutes. Yes 10 (…