Saturday, September 13, 2008


Billy & furry pal Schatzy - 2008.

Dear Billy:

I go to a salon that I absolutely love. The staff are all very friendly, and the location is really great. However I get a little bothered by people who bring their pets into a salon. Do you have any thoughts about this?


Itching to know.

Make no mistake about it. I'm an absolute pet LOVER. However, leave your pets at home! Here in Los Angeles we deal with pets at the beach, at restaurants, and yes people do bring them into a salon. Pets can be distracting to my work and to other guests who come to enjoy a relaxing experience! Furthermore, I think the pets can be uncomfortable around groups of people, especially having to sit inside with nowhere to go really for a good 2-3 hours. Finally, I don't want accidents in my salon no matter how great or small, and neither do my other clients who come to enjoy a relaxing good time.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Conceal that Regrowth!!!

Hide that re-growth!

Don’t panic when your re-growth starts to show. Celebrity hairstylist Billy Lowe shares his greatest tips for concealing re-growth and getting just a little more wear and tear out of your color before your next hair appointment.

“No matter how hard you try, it seems that 4 or 6 week hair color appointment just doesn’t come around quickly enough.” States Lowe. “Most of my clients book their appointments a year in advance – especially my color clients because they know their schedules, they know their color timing, and they don’t want to miss any or get off track with their color. So every November and December, I open my next year’s books so clients can pre-book their appointments for the entire year.”

Lowe’s pre-booking technique keeps clients on time with their color which he feels is the most important element of being a color client. But in those summer months when hair does grow quicker, here are his hot tips for dealing with that pesky re-growth.

1 – Part your hair another way. If you pull your hair straight back the re-growth is going to stick out like a sore thumb. Many clients have strong re-growth around the temple area as well so style or part your hair to the side, or shatter the part so it’s not such a perfectly straight line. This will create better blends of color and the re-growth won’t be as evident.

2 – DON’T DO IT YOURSELF. You could be setting yourself up for disaster if you try to color your hair yourself especially if you are a brunette that wants to be blonde, or if you have a significant amount of grey. Professional colorists are just that for a reason. The products you get in a grocery store provide minimal grey coverage, and certainly don’t give enough lift if you want to be blonde. Trust your salon professional.

3 – The magic wand. With a stroke of mascara, and an eyelash grooming brush, you can work wonders to disguise and conceal your grey re-growth. I always recommend the concealing brands but ifyou can’t find them in your local shops, a little dash of mascara can work wonders if you’re in a pinch. Many supermarkets or drug stores also have packs of mascara brushes that you can buy. Use these to blend and brush the concealer through the areas of your hair you wish to cover. Just be careful not to overdo the application or it can look clumpy or muddy.

4 – Spray ons. There are many different types of temporary spray ons that you can purchase. Rather than spraying directly onto hair, I recommend spraying them onto a clean mascara brush and then applying to re-growth. It’s also safer that way so you’re not spraying anything around your face.

For these and more great beauty tips, visit or call 323-654-2819. Billy Lowe is available for your production or special event needs, speaking engagements or personal appearances. Please contact us online for additional information.

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