Saturday, August 30, 2008



I have just returned from my home in the desert to my home in Santa Barbara. We have had so much humidity here lately and my hair is very curly. Can you please help me?


Dear Tousled.

You're not alone. Humidity Hair as I call it affects so many people, and drives them nuts. You can certainly use straightening shampoo & conditioning systems that help eliminate or reduce the effects of humidity. I certainly believe in using the right products from your hairstylist. However, I always recommend a little "build up" if your hair type can take it. This means not shampooing and conditioning every day.

It's also helpful to use mattifying waxes on your hair after styling. Mattifying waxes are more occlusive. This means, they'll help guard against humidity building up in, or affecting the hair. The Billy Lowe styling series will be out this fall and contains a fabulous mattifying wax that is great for all hair types. It gives hours upon hours of playful control without feeling weighted down or greasy.

I hope this is helpful. While it's fun to be tousled, it's not always fun to feel tousled. Pack it on girlfriend.


Billy Lowe

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