Friday, June 20, 2008

Summertime Weddings

I was recently flown to Georgia (my home state) for a very VIP wedding; my sister's. The wedding was held at beautiful Chateau Elan, and I can't tell you what a fairy tale wedding this was. Not only is she the most beautiful bride I have ever seen (am I partial?), the entire ceremony was right out of a story book. With that in mind, I recognized that as hot as it is, weddings are still going on this summer and I thought I'd share a few tips on summertime hair, and somehow staying "cool" throughout it all.

1 - Have your hair cut or colored a week or 2 before your event. This gives you time to get used to the color or cut, gives it time to soften as it grows in, and allows time to correct any unforeseen instances such as a bad color job.

2 - The bride's hair should be the featured hair. For example, if she is wearing it up, her bridesmaids should find other styles to wear.

3 - Be sure to consult with your stylist well in advance. Any time I do a wedding, I spend weeks collecting inspiration photos and positioning them onto a vision board that I present to the bride, and take with me to the suite when styling her hair. It makes a great reference point, and gives everyone style inspiration.

4 - Keep in mind freshly shampood and dried hair can have a tendency to get "frizzy". Up-do's ususally work better with what i call "day old hair." This means shampoo your hair 24-48 hours before your wedding. Styling is easier, shine is better, and the overall look is much softer.

5 - Accessories and more. If you are wearing accessories in your hair, be sure they are well coordinated and don't distract from you, your dress, or the overall ceremony. My sister created these classically beautiful pins for her hair and her bridesmaids. These were simple, elegant, and really topped off the styles for the day and created a fun theme.

6 - Hairspray - the fix all. I think hairspray is the answer for all of life's problems. Use this wonder potion for lift, lock curls in place, restore life to hair, and help flat/falling hair. Keep a small travel size spray on hand. A few bobby pins are also very helpful to have on hand.

While I only have 2 or 3 more weddings scheduled this summer, I have really enjoyed this journey, and send my very best to all the blushing brides. Many years of happiness.


Billy Lowe

Friday, June 06, 2008



Penhaligon's of London. This classy line is sure to have everything for dad for Father's day from shaving kits, grooming kits, classic fragrances (1 of which was Winston Churchill's favorite), and so many other wonderful things. Visit to find a store near you, or shop away on their website.

PAUL MITCHELL. Always knows how to put together a grooming kit just for "him." The tea tree shampoos & conditioners, amazing shave gels, are all a perfect add-on for any gift basket you're creating for your dad this year.

A SPA DAY. Now what dad wouldn't love a good spa day? Pamper your dad with a nice haircut, a shave, a manicure, a facial, or a massage. Or, create your own personal "AT-HOME SPA DAY FOR DAD."

A DAY OF GOLF. Many dads out there love to tee off so why not get a membership for a few swings for your dear old dad? Or take the family to a game of mini-golf. These are always a good time (even thought not really "beauty" related).

DINNER AROUND THE TABLE. My personal favorite.


Billy Lowe

Wednesday, June 04, 2008



I think we should launch 3 Minute Thursdays! Catchy huh?


Gentlemen: Did you know you can save a gallon and a half of water EVERY TIME YOU SHAVE OR BRUSH YOUR TEETH simply by turning off the water while you do so?
Ladies: When you wash your face at night, don't let the water run while you're lathering away. Turn it off.
Parents: Rather than letting your children use the shower hoses for fun, give them water toys or bubbles & let them go outside. They'll use less water, they'll get some exercise, and they'll actually rest better at night.
Please join me in doing your part every Thursday, and every day, to conserve water!

Monday, June 02, 2008


When I walk into anyone's home (namely the bathroom), I bet I could add up $500 in products on their shelves in less than 5 minutes. Yet I always hear people say "That shampoo is too expensive."
QUESTION: Why not invest in 5 or 6 "expensive" products (I call them quality products), rather than continuing to blow your money on products that just sit there for months and months?
When you continue blowing your money on products, it means you're looking for something you haven't found. In other words, something is missing from your current products. You haven't fallen in love yet with a product so you continue to shop and shop and shop.
I always like to encourage my clients to use the products that I use in the salon (that includes the tools as well). If you want salon results at home, why not model, mimic, and repeat the same "system" that your stylist uses in the salon? You don't need to cut corners, and you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Throw out that $500 inventory of crap at home, and invest $150 in some great products that you'll love, and that you'll love to use. If you have color services for your hair, be sure to use color-safe products such as those from PUREOLOGY.
Retailers can get you hook, line & sinker. But if you truly want salon results at home, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR STYLIST.
Billy Lowe

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