Tourmaline Technology by CONAIR

So my good friends at Conair were telling me about their new products, the NANO-SILVER line, with Tourmaline Technology.

"WOW!!! Tell me where I can get some of that technology." I said to them with a grin.

I ordered a few pieces and for you ladies at home, let me tell you - it's wonderful. I got quite a few pieces including a hairdryer, a flat iron, and a hot roller set for all those fabulous Friday night styles I do in the salon.

The blow-drier I have to tell you is a dynamic power-house. It really speeds up your blow-drying time and creates a soft, silky feel, and great results every time. I asked what set the new products apart from the rest of the products out there for us, and here's what I learned:

INFINITI NANO SILVER BY CONAIR is a superior sophisticated new line that adds micro particles of silver to Infiniti's existing Tourmaline Ceramic technology. The fusion creates a high tech glide that lets hair slide over plates easily and sends air surging through vents for fast drying and styling. With ionic technology, Nano silver releases supreme shine. This tool's distinctive construction and pure glossy white finish with chrome accents keeps your vanity looking almost as good as you do.

So what is this going to cost you? There are several products by CONAIR in this fabulous line and here's what's being offered.

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Styler (blow dryer)- Suggested Retail: $49.99

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic 1" Straightener: Suggested Retail $84.99

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic 1 3/4 " Straightener: Suggested Retail: $89.99

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Rollers with Cord Reel: Suggested Retail: 49.99

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