Yes, it's a big question. What can we do to protect the hair from the damaging effects of the sun? Why don't manufacturers put sunscreens in shampoos and conditioners? What about styling products?
Let me answer those with some "it just makes sense" thoughts.
1 - Why put sunscreen in your shampoo & conditioner? All you do is wash them down the drain.
2 - Sunscreen in your products? Even with skincare that contains sunscreen, the instructions usually recommend to reapply every 2-4 hours. Do you want to stop what you're doing and re-apply sunblock to your hair every 2-4 hours and have to deal with styling again?
While there's not really a "sunscreen" for the hair, there are countless products and serums that have "sun protecting" or "UV protecting" agents in them. Sunscreens and Sunblocks are regulated by the FDA. They are formulated and approved to protect the skin, which is a living organ. Your hair is not alive. It is basically dead protein. So when you're shopping, look for products that have natural "UV Filters" or "UV Defenders" in them such as sunflower extract.
There ARE, however, sunscreens for the scalp such as NIOXIN'S SYSTEM 2 SCALP TREATMENT WITH SPF 15. Again, this is a light spray that you apply to the scalp area (through the hair) to help protect the scalp against sun/UV damage.
For products to help prevent UV damage to hair, look for L'ANZA SWIM & SUN DAILY UV PROTECTOR of PUREOLOGY'S COLOUR MAX with UV defenders.
Apply these while hair is slightly damp, brush through with a large paddle brush for even distribution (I always recommend Denman's large flat paddle brush).
Finally, never let chlorine or salt-water dry in your hair; especially if you have color treated hair.
My BEST and BIGGEST tip, however for sunscreen for hair is a simple wide-brimmed hat. You protect so much more than just your hair; you protect your skin as well (and they look quite fashionable). Visit my friends at for a wide selection of hats & accessories that will make your summertime fun, while protecting your investments at the same time.


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